Quattro Bot is Scam! Trading Software Review

Our Quattro Bot review will expose the lies hidden at quattrobot.com. This is a newly launch system which comes with some turns. This app was designed by a Hans Kline who claims to be a car technician for a car manufacturer Audi. Because of his expertise in math, statistics, science and physics at University in Germany he was able to develop a unique quad tech formula that can produce 5K per week. This is one of their claims which are impossible to achieve and we will explain why later.

As we continue with our review, we will discuss how the system works and the other lies and deceptions. Quattro Bot is another free binary options app and there’s been a lot of these being launched lately with nothing but lies. This app has strange storyline which makes it very interesting.

Through his devised application known as “Quad Tech” formula he becomes $780,000 richer. The quattrobot.com promo video does not really discuss the formula thoroughly or mentioned how the system works beside from mentioning that it focuses on the longer term instead of the short term. By doing this one will have more chances of being able to predict accurately what is going to happen. Honestly, a lot of programs say this but whether you look at the short term or long term it does not really make any difference. Hans Kline tries to connect his past work in Audi and this new system that he develops. Our review cannot find the connection since Audi is about cars and Quattro Bot is about trading. Maybe he is just taking advantage of the brank since it is well-known and people might think that the app is legit and reliable.

Quattro Bot is Scam – Three Evidences

In this thorough Quattro Bot review we will prove that this app is nothing but a scam and you will only lose funds if you sign up. It is allegedly developed by Hans Kline and he is trying to connect his past experience with the program that he created to help the traders. The Quad Tech Formula can allegedly help you generate $5000 per week. According to Hans Kline you can use the system for free thus you will have more chances of getting a lot of money.

Exploring the quattrobot.com website is easy since there is not much on it. If you really want to know more about it, you need to sign up. Before you sign up, one will notice the statement that says “28 day free trial”. They place it there just to make it looks like that it’s a paid scheme when in fact this is free. Keep in mind that most of the software that offers free gets a bad reputation. Now they are pretending to be not free to increase their members by making it look reputable. This is quite confusing, but you will understand it eventually.

First Evidence – Scam Software

Upon checking we right away notice that this program is a scam. The main reason is that it uses the similar program that other scam sofware used. The only difference is that they are changing the logo and color but the content and everything on it are all the same. Isn’t it kind a strange to see other software using your platform. There are lot of binary options scams that uses the same platform. Check out the image above and you will notice that these four companies are using the same platform. Knievel Money, Binary GodFather, Swiss Binary Robot and Quattro Bot are all using the same program and all of trading are losing funds.

Second Evidence – Who is Hans Kline?

He introduced himself as the man behind the Formula of Quattro Bot but does this man really exist. Upon checking in Google he looks like he does not exist at all. The one we found in Google has nothing to do with the car company or with trading. He is a beauty curator. If Kline is really an expert in his field then he should have some social media sites so people can follow him, but unfortunately there is none. It looks like that he is a fictitious character.

Third Evidence – Impossible Profit

Hans Kline has been mentioning Audi all throughout the promo video. According to him the idea of Quattro Bot comes from his experiences when he was in Audi. His Quad Tech formula can help you earn $5000 per week which is quite a huge amount of money by simply investing $200. Not even the most legit software can generate such a huge amount of money. Remember trading involves winning and losing thus it is impossible for your $200 to accumulate that fast. This scheme is one of the old schemes that most scam app uses to attract people.

Quattro Bot Review Conclusion

This review proves that Quattro Bot is scam. Hans Kline with unknown identity is a clear indication that this platform is designed to fool people and collect money from them. The software used by the QuattroBot is also being used by most scam applications. People are warned many times if a platform offers a profit that is too good to be true then you should stay away from it no matter what.

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