Quantum Binary Signals is Scam! Critical Review

This complete Quantum Binary Signals review is written to warn people about this scam software. During the first few years this system was introduced in the market, people are giving good reviews and they were happy with it. But now, it traders are complaining about this scam software. We are 100% sure that this software is just like other scam platforms, all they want is your money. In this review, we will show you evidences that will prove this app is nothing but a scam. But before we show you the proofs, it is best that we discuss first how this platform works.

This application is a binary options signals service which operates by sending professional signals three to five a day, through the trader’s mobile phone to be implemented manually on a binary options platform. A retired hedge fund trader owns the company and according to him he has more the 20 years of trading experience. Their clients include investment institutions, independent traders and hedge funds that trade binary options online. Before you decide, read our comprehensive Quantum Binary Signals review to determine if the program is right for you and if the system is worth it.

The software provides signals that can be used to trade stock indices, currencies, stocks and commodities. According to them even new traders can use their signals and it only takes around two minutes a day to implement them. But some may take longer since you need to log in and out of broker’s platform and then place the trades based on the signals you receive, so maybe it will take around fifteen minutes a day.

Traders will be asked for their full details like name, email add, and phone numbers. Since this is an international service, you need to provide your country code so you will receive the signals accurately. The trading signals are then sent to subscribers via email and SMS. The most number of signals they can forward on a daily basis is three. Once you receive the signals you need to implement it right away when the price of your preferred asset meets the signals requirements. With regards to binary options signal service any delays in implementing the trades will affect the accuracy of the signals. The trade alerts are likewise forwarded thru email as another means of communication.

Quantum Binary Signals is Scam – Three Evidences

The trades are done according to the up/down or call/put contract, where the trader chooses UP where the signal is forwarded based on the result in which the asset closes the trade at a price higher than when the trade started, and Low if the signal forecasts that the asset will trade lower than when the trade begins.

If you visit quantumbinarysignals.com, you will be impressed by how the scammers behind this app designed their website. All the information you might need are presented to you. According to them the monthly success is between 75% and 85%. However, there is no proof about such claim.

First Evidence – Unknown CEO/Developer

Expert traders usually check the name of the owner or the developer of the app before they sign up. It is thru the developer the people can determine if the app is reliable or not. The majority of scam websites use paid actors to act as the owner, CEO or developer. They are doing this on purpose to hide their real identity so people will not be able to sue them in case problems arise. Although the CEO of quantumbinarysignals.com affixed his signature it is hard to read and the name is not printed underneath it. It looks like they also don’t want us to know who the real owners are.

Second Evidences – Impossible Profit

The 270% profit a day is quite high and is impossible to achieve. If they are really providing such daily earnings they should be able to provide proof. Upon checking their quantumbinarysignals.com website we found no real evidence that will prove such output. Even the most reliable and legit software cannot provide such profit. There is also no proof that their algorithm is working. Definitely our Quantum Binary Signals review proves that this new scheme is a scam.

The copy trade scheme is being used by many scam website and we have proven it in our previous reviews. They are claiming that once you sign up, you will be able to copy the trades of their successful traders but they haven’t provided the names of their successful traders. Names of successful traders are usually mentioned in trading forums.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Quantum Binary Signals review

The image above shows the photo and names of satisfied users, but there is no way to confirm their identity. If you check Paul Smith in Google there are hundreds of people with such name and the most popular one is the fashion designer. If they could have just add the social media page of these users, we might have considered this app as legit. The photos might have taken from stock photos or maybe they are not aware that their photos are being used in a scam website.

Quantum Binary Signals Review Conclusion

This complete review is 100% sure that Quantum Binary Signals is scam and there is nothing good about this system. You might be seeing good reviews about this software and you want to give it a try. You can do so but be prepared to lose everything you have invested on it. This review is only a warning and it is up to you to decide whether to trust this scheme or not.

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