Public Millionaire is Scam! Trading Software Review

You landed on this page simply because you are interested to know whether Public Millionaire is scam or not. Congratulations! You are on the right page. We will provide you the most in-depth review to answer all your questions about the app. We include everything you need to know.

Before you make further action make sure you have read our Public Millionaire review. Keep in mind, even the most professionally designed webpage these days are scam so you need to be very carefully. Our review starts by discussing how the software works and their promises to their members. At first glance we already knew this app is a fraud but still we need to investigate further to prove it. This review is intended to warn people and to keep their hard-earned money protected against the fraud software. Let’s proceed with our review.

The first question traders would ask when they encounter a new application is whether it is a scam or legit. We will give you a  review. Our initial answer to this question is a big NO. We will give you the reasons as we continue with this review. This application has only one goal to empty the account of each trader that will sign up. The scammers behind this fraud app are manipulating novice traders into believing that they will become very rich without exerting too much effort.

Unfortunately, our in-depth investigation on their website by Pat Brouse has led us to think the opposite to financial success, as several scamming factors were found within their trading systems, overall process of operation and campaigns. From fake owners to inaccurate results, we can confidently say this system is a scam and there is nothing into it but a get-rich-quick money stealing application, developed to entice new traders with enormous profits. Make sure that you will read our Public Millionaire review from start to finish so you will understand why we say that this app is a scam.

Public Millionaire is Scam – Three Evidences

This comprehensive Public Millionaire review will prove that this application is a scam and traders particularly those who are just starting should be very careful. We discover that this application has been using gimmicks to attract more users so they can steal more money. The accuracy level of PublicMillionaire makes trading signals fall far below 50% that resulted in break even, thus loses trader investments.

As mentioned earlier and you can easily tell it based on their name, is said to be a revolutionary trading app and automated platform somehow effective enough to predict the future of the market activities for determining the winning trades at a consistent rate. Although Pat Brouse does not fully explain how this is possible, which is of course a big issue, he claims that public-millionaire software is configure using the newest technology and formulated algorithms for generating daily profits that ranges from $3000 to $5000. Sounds impressive, but don’t get to excited. Before you make further action, finish this review first.

As we continue with our review, we will present to you some of the important evidences that will prove this is a scam.

First Evidence – Who is Pat Brouse?

If you visit and watched their promotional videos, you will notice right away a person introducing himself as Pat Brouse, the alleged creator of Public Millionaire. We try searching for some information about this man but we couldn’t manage to find anything about him. We cannot also find anything that will prove the existence of Pat Brouse throughout social media not even resumes on Google that will prove his involvement in this software. This is very suspicious and definitely a clear sign of deception which most scammers app do.

After thorough research and investigation we found out that he also appeared in other scam software known as 300 Millionaire. So who is behind this Public Millionaire scam? It looks like they don’t have any intention to divulge who the real developers are.  This is a clear indication of scam software.

Second Evidence – Fake Results

One thing that the developers forgot is that people these days are very meticulous that they can easily detect errors if they focus on something. The results presented to us are fabricated and is impossible. Take a look at Benjamin J. profit. It shows several errors that the scammers failed to correct while designing the app. Check out his profit it says $168,000, but his total trades and win rate contradicts the result. It does not matter whether or not he placed 873 trades. The main concern here is it is mathematically impossible to generate such profit with a 63% win rate. You need to attain at least 70% to get earnings as high as this.

Another concern we have is the date of the trading, March 25 is Saturday but it says 2 active trades, which is not possible. Trading is done only during weekends thus it is impossible for Benjamin J to trade during Saturday. Obviously, they are not telling truth.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonies

Just like other scam applications, this app likewise hired actors to make testimonies. This act is very common to around 90% of binary robots. These individuals were paid by the scammers to make program looks legit and successful. They forgot that with the helpful of the World Wide Web nothing is impossible. You can check everything on it and you can find a fraud program easily. The two individuals in the image were seen in other scam platform. Actually, they appeared in not just one scam robot but in several fraud applications. Another act of deception, in is the fake recognition. They are using the badges of Fox Business, Bloomberg, Forbes and CNN. We are sure that these companies would never associate their companies with online gimmicks.

Public Millionaire Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that this scheme is nothing but a scam. The signs are clear, fabricated owner, paid actors and fake results these are common in fraud program. So, we stand on our claim that Public Millionaire is scam.

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