Profits Perpetual is Scam! Trading Software Review

This complete Profits Perpetual review will reveal all the lies and misleading information you will see in their website. Just like other scam software it promises high profit and other exciting stuff but none of them is real. Upon visiting you will notice that the software offers a daily profit of $15,000. It also claims a 100% winning rate which is not possible. Another thing about this app is that it trade on complete autopilot. What the application offers are quite impressive but before you take further action you should read this Profits Perpetual review first.

Our initial investigation shows that Profits Perpetual is scam and traders should avoid it. Before we proceed with the evidences let us first discuss how this software works.

As mentioned above this app works on autopilot which means that you don’t need to do anything. You don’t need any special skills or education to use this system and it is 100% free. Sounds very impressive but do not get excited, continue reading this comprehensive Profits Perpetual review first before investing your hard-earned money. This scam software was allegedly created by Frederic Morton and was released a few days ago. According to Morton it can help you earn up to $60,000 per month. Actually, the platform being used by this software is similar to other scam binary options trading program in the market. The only difference is the logo and the app’s colors.

Profits Perpetual is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our thorough review, we further analyze the things that Profits Perpetual is offering. One of its claims is that it is a very helpful binary options signals designed by team of professionals. It likewise explains the real benefits of this scheme and how it effectively helps the investor produce 5 figure profits. It educates you about binary trading. To develop a successful online marketing business, it provides you with free access to this app. What this scheme offers is very enticing but none of their claims are real. Below are some evidences that will prove this system is a scam and traders should not trust them at all.

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The platform used by this scam is also used by Intertrader and Hexa Trader app. These two applications are fraud which only means that Profits Perpetual is scam. This is a binary options trading signal application that offers auto trading and provides trading signals on currencies pairs, indices and assets. According to Morton it works together with best brokers. But we found out during our investigation that these brokers are not at all regulated. As mentioned earlier, the alleged owner claims that joining them is for free but you need to deposit the minimum amount of $250 before you can use this program in trading. Quite confusing, if it is for free then why one needs to deposit $250.

First Evidence – Fake Owner

Frederic Morton claims that 18 months ago he was broke, frustrated, unhappy and desperate. He was a former employee of Bank of America as a bank teller. Then an attractive woman walks in and is about to deposit a very huge amount of cash in her bank account. The woman told him that she has her own hedge fund trading. But this story is not real. We did thorough research who is Frederic Morton and all we get is that this individual is just an associate with web page. We discover another disturbing facts about Frederic Morton, he is also involved in another scam website known as Rubix and introduced himself as Mason Alexander. And he also claims that Rubix can generate a good amount of money for traders. He claims that he starts his own company, but he didn’t mention any company name thus we cannot verify the legitimacy of this software.

Second Evidence – Fake Evidence that the System Works

The evidences they presented to prove that this system is working is not real. According to Morton his system can generate around $16, 748, 751. 89 for the past twelve months and shows a fake proof. The date of his last login is October 10, 2016. After checking the website in database, it shows that the system was registered only in October 13, 2016. This is only few days before the website is registered. How come the software was able to work for more than a year. The proof that it only has winning trades is also a lie. You will see that it has 154 winning trades and 0 lost trades which is a ridiculous claim. It is impossible for a software to trade without losing.

Third Evidence – Fake Users

You will see in website some fake users, claiming that they are generating a good amount of money with the help of this scheme. Jessica Hill from the US claims to earn around $158, 849. The truth is that her image is a stock photo, and her name was given by scammers behind this platform. The proof presented by Morton is a fabricated one. Another fake user is Nadia Scott from USA. The name, profit and photo are all not real. Thus we cannot trust these users and is a clear indication that this is a scam.

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Profits Perpetual Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Profits Perpetual is scam. The alleged owner is fake, the profit it offers is impossible to achieve and the user’s testimonies are all lie. Definitely, this platform is a scam and you should not trust them. If you still want to invest into this system be prepared to lose your money.

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