Profitball is Scam! Trading Software Review

This complete Profitball review will reveal the lies and deception hidden in this software. Initially, we think is scam. There are some obvious indications that this is a scam and we can prove that thru this review. The software also known as Profit Ball was developed by Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan.

Many expert traders consider this application as a dangerous scam, and they have blacklisted it already. However, there is still some who think it is a legit program. We have written this comprehensive Profitball review to show you proofs this software is a scam and you should not trust it at all. Before we proceed with our evidences it would be best to discuss first how the Profit Ball works. You are reading this thorough review because you want to know the truth and we will give it to you. We don’t just say it’s a scam because we don’t like their website. We make sure that we show our readers evidences that will support our claim.

ProfitBall is the newest software added to our list of fraud program. Profit Ball is designed to trick and victimize innocent traders especially the novice searching for a legit trading app. If you receive an unsolicited spam email encouraging you to join refrain from clicking any links and unsubscribe right away so you will not get any email from them. We receive some reports from our colleagues that this fake platform is infecting computers with viruses, particularly spyware, ransom ware and malware.

The scammers behind ProfitBall are marketers who don’t care about your financial situation. They design this fraud software to steal your money by executing losing trades. Also, they are working with unregulated brokers who are expert in aggressive sales techniques and online scam.

If you think Profit Ball is a legit trading app you are wrong. If you have plans of trying it, be prepared to lose your money as Terry Mason will rob you without knowing it. Continue reading this Profitball review as we expose the lies and why we think that it is a very dangerous investment scam.

Profitball is Scam – Three Evidences

Profitball claims that they analyze the sponsors of the winning teams. It’s not clear as to how they do it. According to them the software can invest on stocks of the sponsors before the trading starts which will result to good profit for the users. Profit Ball was able to generate continuous profits for the last four years.

The scammers behind this scam website used a unique approach in this app by focusing on the sporting field since they know that around 90% of population is into sports. But, you cannot trusts Profit Ball due many reasons. In their video presentation, the software converts investments opportunities by combining trading algorithms and sport analytics to predict stock prices, aiming the company sponsored stock prices before mass sales. Generally, according to Terry Mason, Profitball pinpoints particular sport feeds and trades company stocks via binary trading.

As you continue reading this Profitball review you will find out that these are all lies.

First Evidence – Generating Consistent Profits for the Last Four Years

Obviously Profitball is lying about their claim that they are providing consistent profits for four years. How is it possible when upon checking in their website was registered only last February 6, 2017. They thought they can get it away on this. Maybe to some people yes, but for those who are into trading for a year or two they will surely check this first before signing up.

This is a clear indication that Profitball is not legit and is just like other scam software. Profitball is only trying to attract people to sign up and steal their money. The process of how they earn using the software is also not clear. We suggest that you should stay away from this system.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

As we continue with our ProfitBall review, you can see in the above image a fake testimonial that is out of context. It looks like the developer copy and paste it since the con artist is referring to the wrong creator. Instead of mentioning the names of Terry and Joshua, he refers to Raymond and Shane which is from other scam program known as the Bank Tracker Bot. You can never fool an expert trader with this act. Even the new ones who are aware that there are lots of scams online will be able to uncover this lie.

Third Evidence – Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan the Fake Developers

After our thorough research on the identities of these two characters, we found nothing about them. Obviously, Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan are paid actors hired to promote Profitball. We could not validate their claim that they are the Developers and Founders of Profit Ball because there is nothing we can find online. We also checked the different social media sites and we found nothing that will confirm their identities.

Apparently, these two individuals boast about becoming the only creators for this successful trading venture where the ProfitBall software originated from a small-time project in New York, not having a matching profiles or resumes on social media is very suspicious. The fact that they are claiming big profits like $7000 per day it is definitely important you confirm its authenticity first.

ProfitBall Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that Profitball is scam. Actually, aside from the above mentioned evidences, there are lots of things that can prove this system is a scam. Not mentioned in this review, is their impossible profit. It is impossible for a new platform to generate such income. Not even the old trading platform can provide such profit.

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