Profit Secret Review – What Makes It a Scam

You might have encountered Profit Secret before when you are searching for ways to make money online. It became popular because it claims to offer daily profitability of up to 300%. Most of the investment trading software we’ve reviewed can generate $1500 daily profits from a $250 deposit. 

The question is, can Profit Secret can provide the passive income they claim? To determine this, we have reviewed the app, and we have discovered a lot of hoaxes on their website, which makes us conclude that it is a scam. 

The question is, can Profit Secret can provide the passive income they claim? To determine this, we have reviewed the app, and we have discovered a lot of hoaxes on their website, which makes us conclude that it is a scam. 

What is Profit Secret?

Profit Secret is an investment trading robot that uses Bitcoin. It is a computer app with intelligent algorithms. The algorithms are coded out of the trading techniques of some of the best in the world. They claim that their bot performs better than human traders since it can quickly and accurately analyze big data. 

It can also determine legit sources of info and trade news within 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets, and the accuracy rate is 99%. Quite impressive, but is this possible? Profit Secret claims to work with top-level brokers to assure users of a smooth and safe trading experience. Regulated brokers follow strict measures like deposit segregation and audit to ensure users that their money will be used only in trading.

How does it work?

Many people observed that this robot works similarly to Bitcoin Evolution. However, not all agreed that it is more reliable and easier to use. According to some users, it is much better to analyze and read real-time signals from the market trends than trade based on the data collected. This only means that through proper auto-configuration, it can start generating the best trade possible. 

As mentioned earlier, the software is automized, which means that they already know the future. They will allow you to win in the first few trades to encourage you to deposit more and steal all your money. 

They promise you to provide $1300 daily. Do you think it’s possible? They have been using this too good to be true offer to attract many to deposit. 

Why Profit Secret is a scam?

We have collected proofs to support our claim that Profile Secret is a scam. The software is very misleading, and it is easy to tell that it is a scam. 

Unrealistic advice

Everybody can do theoretical investing. But, it does not help you to earn money at all. Profit Secret presented stock charts of companies that succeed for the last 12 to 25 years. You can find online several historical charts and claim that you have used it to invest. But, it does not help you at all. What you need to know are the stocks that can go up in the future.

Profit Secret would say that the best time to invest is when a friend tells he has been using the product of a particular brand. This is not good investment advice. When deciding where to invest your money, you need to do thorough research. You cannot wait for 12 years to see your investment profits.

A scam funnel

The problem with Profit Secret is that it is not an investment trading platform at all. It will not help you to earn money. It is a scam funnel designed to direct you to an unregulated broker where you will lose all your investment. Once you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to a suspicious broker and ask you to deposit to start trading. These unregulated brokers usually force you to decide badly. As a result, you lose a lot of money.

The scammer’s primary purpose of building this app is to attract more people to invest in this trading software only to lose them from the shady brokers. Unregulated brokers are paying the people behind this app.

Uses the names of big personalities

Profit Secret uses the names of these well-known celebrities to attract people to trade and trust their platform. These individuals are not using this platform, so there is no way to confirm that this bot is legal and safe. 

Profit Secret


Profit Secret is a scam, and it will encourage you to register. You will be forwarded to an unregulated broker that will not help you trade but will help you lose your money. Stay away from this app as much as possible. If you want to try your luck in trading, there are still some reliable sites that you can trust. Just make sure you know the risks and do not trade using real money right away. You can use the free demo account using virtual money. 

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Is Profit Secret a scam or safe?

No. it is not safe. Profit Secret is one of those scam websites that you should stay away from. 

Are the brokers for deposit my funds reliable?

No, they are. Profit Secret is working with are unregulated and not legitimate brokers. 

Is there an app available?

None. But you can access the website on your smartphone through the browser. 

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