Profit Magnet is Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Profit Magnet review will prove that it cannot provide what it claims to provide. The website is full of lies and misleading information. Do not believe them when they say that it can help you earn $1000 every day. This is an absolute lie and only scammers have the guts to tell the world that they can provide the impossible.

Read this complete review if you want to save your hard-earned money and prevent the fraudsters from emptying your account balance. We decided to write this review to protect our readers and others who have plans to invest in Profit Magnet. Its authenticity is questionable and thus we have decided to post this review.

The first time we visit the website we already knew that it was developed to trick people and steal their money. So we decided to further investigate and collect evidences that will prove it is a scam. Before we posted this Profit Magnet review we noticed that it is the last chance to join This is either part of their tactic in forcing the people to join or it is done to mislead traders especially the novice. There are other options being offered but it is best that we go over to some vital facts first before we end this review.

We are sure that you are aware there is lots of scam websites out there. But there is also credible site that you can trust. If this program is a reliable service provider, there should be a host of good testimonials and reviews on the popular discussion forums and blogs. On the contrary, if you perform a Google search for this scam, you will find out it’s a plain fact.

Prospective members should know that there is danger if you choose a poor quality service provider. Also, ProfitMagnet fails to meet the requirement that an online trader needs to obtain high returns for their investments. Moreover, while there are lots of blogs that are eager to point out that this Forex robot has great returns for your investments, you need to know that such blogs is only after in generating massive user traffic and in some instance paid to post good reviews about the app.

Profit Magnet is Scam – Three Evidence

Who wouldn’t want to become rich? There are lots of people who make it big by using software in trading. If one thinks can help you become rich, unfortunately it’s not capable of doing so. The system has been hiding some of its deepest secret that we will reveal in the later part of this review.

Some people who were victimized by this scam and they lost a huge amount of money. To determine if this app is really a scam or not, we open an account with open and deposit the minimum amount needed to register. As we continue with our Profit Magnet review, we will reveal to you the evidences that will prove this system was designed with one goal to steal the trader’s money and empty their accounts.

First Evidence – Fake Developers

The team of developers are all fake or completely unverifiable. The alleged founder is Aaron Martin. However, upon checking we found out that this person does not exist at all. The photo used was taken from The image of Aaron Martin is being sold at and you can actually check it by yourself. Definitely, we are dealing with the Profit Magnet Team but a team of bogus.

Before we start writing our review we search for any information about the other members like Mike Mathews, Steve Robinson and the rest of the group who are allegedly behind this scam, and as expected there are not real. This is very common to scam sites they use actors to pretend as the owner.  Do not believe any generic-looking blog they are fake service.

Second Evidence – Too Good To Be True Profit

Traders will surely get attracted with what the app has to offer. It promises a $11 to $220 earnings in less than an hour and without the need for trading knowledge and experience. But, if someone do some research, one will notices that trading requires basic trading knowledge and in some instances help of a mentor for best results. The trading account should take into consideration several factors like financial trends and insight from financial experts and coherent algorithms to offer the users the best possible signals for their ROI. If a trader opens a demo account using this app, you will notice that the majority of the signals are not as accurate and most of them are scams just like the alleged founder Aaron Martin.

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

The video presented in their webite make use of an actor who tries to encourage people that this app is the real deal by presenting us some fake bank account screenshots, and the end he will tries to invite us to register because today is the final day. But the truth the last day is almost over for many days now. No name was given who is the one responsible for this video.

To continue with their deception, if one scrolls down you will find some Facebook testimonials, from individuals who are enjoying the high profits produced from this scam. These testimonials are all fake. If a person tries to click on their name to check their Facebook account you will go nowhere. If this individuals are for real they should have a real Facebook account.

Profit Magnet Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Profit Magnet is scam, this app is nothing but a fraud. A legit app should be very transparent. The people behind the software are not real, they are only fabricated names created by the scammers. This alone is enough evidence to prove that it is a scam.

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