Pro Binary Robot is Scam! Trading Software Review

This comprehensive Pro Binary Robot review will help you decide whether to trust the system or not. You might have heard of this scam but you want to make sure about it that is why you are reading our review.  You have done the right thing and we congratulate for that. One of the primary reasons why binary options trading robot is popular is because it’s easy to use even the beginners can use the platform.

However, with the growing number of individuals interested on trading, the number of fraud system is increasing as well. There are suspicious and dishonest people who are trying to trick people by claiming that they are expert in this industry. Good thing one can easily differentiate a fraud app from a legit one. Just like this app.

This is a scam and this review will prove it to you. This app was developed by Bobby Benson. In their promo video, Bobby Benson claims that the robot can provide investors the legal way to cheat the system.  By using this application one can earn between $5489 and $75 78 a week.  If a trader wants to earn more, you need to invest higher than your usual investment. Before you get too excited, let us remind you that there is no trading application that can help you earn that much money within a week. If someone promises you huge amount of profit with less investment, definitely Pro Binary Robot is a scam.

Pro Binary Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

If one chooses to trade using this platform, make sure that you are prepared to lose your investment. If the trader visits their website, one will be greeted by text telling the public that they no longer accepting members and explaining why. However, they still continue to promote the app. The scammers behind this are doing to make it look legit. Their website is vague that there are no other pages to check. If one is interested to know more about them he can email their support and hope that they will answer you back. This Pro Binary Robot review will show you evidences why we think it is a scam.

Bobby Benson claims that he has over 14 years of experience in trading and has applied what he learns in developing the platform. The platform uses a series of algorithm to predict the trading signals. But he was not able to explain how the system works.  It’s a sign that we are dealing with scam software.

First Evidence – Non Regulated Brokers

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for an account. In legit software, you can choose the broker you want to work with. With this Bobby Benson app he will assign you the brokers. Upon thorough investigation we have found out that the names on their list of suggested brokers are not regulated. This is not a good sign. Keep in mind, a trusted trading system only uses brokers that are regulated follow the policies set by the governing bodies for binary options trading. Since this application is working with unregulated brokers we don’t feel safe with and thus we don’t trust them at all.

Second Evidence – Confusing Withdrawal Process

After creating your account, they will ask you to fund your account with the required minimum amount which is $250. Then it is up to you to set it in auto mode or you will do it manually. In auto mode you will let the system do the trading for you. Once you have accumulated your profit, you can withdraw the funds. But, in our Pro Binary Robot review, we found out that the method of withdrawing the money is not easy, confusing and time consuming as if they don’t want to release your money. There were lots of complaints online from traders who were not able to withdraw their money. This is not at all an indication of a legit system. Thus, we suggest you should not trust them not unless you are willing to give them your money.

Third Evidence – Scam Software

According to Bobby Benson it is a unique trading system. So carry out further review and investigation and we have found that Bobby Benson is lying. They are using white label scam software only they changing the name, logo and color. If you check the images above, there are other systems that are using the same platform, such as Hexa Trader, Swiss Binary Robot, or Binary Godfather. And these are only some of the examples, there are lots of them online with the same platform. You can ask the past users about their experience in using the application.

Pro Binary Robot Review Conclusion

If you search for review the result is a mixture of it being a scam and as a legit application. But for us and based on our review and the above evidences and not to mention the fake owner we strongly believe that Pro Binary Robot is scam. If you check today you will see that they are not offering it to the public. Try to check it again after a few days they will open it to the public. They are doing this to make it look legit and attract people.

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