Pro Binary Bot is Scam! Important Review

ProBinaryBot is the latest platform that offers online traders access to binary options application. This Pro Binary Bot review will reveal the lies and deception hidden on their The developers of this scam claim that the software is easy to use and is a free web based solution that does not require download from customers and you can work on it using any type of devices. Another important feature this product offers are that it provide users with the capability of Demo Trading which only mean that it is 100% risk-free demo trading.

Initially, we think that ProBinaryBot is scam. This has prompted us to carry out further evaluation and investigation to confirm our suspicion. This review will present to you the evidences that will prove this application is a scam. Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our review from start to finish so you will be enlightened about this app.

Our main objective of writing this review is to help and protect the traders against these scam applications. This complete review will likewise provide information about this software and how dangerous it is. If you want to know more as to what we discover about continue reading the Pro Binary Bot review and learn more about how this robot works. The very first thing you will see if you visit their website is their powerful and flexible system with customized settings that you can control during the trading process. You have two options for placing trades just like other investment scams on the market. One can decide whether to use it manually or on autopilot. Each member should invest at least $250 to use the system.

With over 500 signal combinations and it offers money management systems, they claim that they are among the best innovative binary trading today. As compared to other scam applications, this system promises to provide its users a high level of control over their trading process. But upon checking we cannot seem to find any third-party information to confirm this. The system is supposed to produce trading alerts with different pairs and expiries. You can choose which of them you want to get the signals. One can trade these signals on autopilot mode or manually. The system also offers three different money management strategies. The application is supposedly uses some advanced trading indicators. However, we couldn’t find any proof that will confirm its legitimacy.

Pro Binary Bot is Scam – Three Evidences

There are lots of binary options trading software and strategies online. This one is based on the most powerful technical indicators available. Expert traders depend on MACD, trends, stochastic and RSI indicators to help them in taking positions. This application uses these indicators to choose the next best trades. However, it is not clearly explained how they will do this and what strategy they will apply. The video presentation in is lacking. Most of the scam websites have promo video to attract more traders and to make it look legit.

As we continue with our Pro Binary Bot review we will reveal to how they try to trick people.

First Evidence – Fake Platform

This application will not help you earn money just what they promised and that is the sad reality. If you deposit your money on it, consider it as lost money. The fraudsters behind this app will steal it to you without knowing it. We are very sure of this as we have seen this platform being used by other scam website like Robot FX, Option Robot, and Binrobot Lady. They differ in name, logo and color but the platform as well as other details on it are all the same. The most dangerous part of this robot is that it uses fake demo results. The price as well is not real. Its main purpose is to attract as many traders as they can. Those who are new in this industry are not yet aware of how scam this program is.

Second Evidence – Results not Verified

This app claims that the system uses some advanced trading indicators and financial management systems. However, we could not find any proof to verify the legitimacy of the results. There are also some reports associated to the profitability of the robot. All of them claims that Pro Binary Bot is scam and it cannot help anyone to become profitable and successful in online trading. Obviously, it is an indication that this software is a scam and people should not trust them at all.

Third Evidence – Brokers are not Real

The list of brokers that you see on their website they are only images and not real. There is no connection between the software and the mentioned brokers on If the brokers are real, then there should be a clickable link that will direct the traders to the brokers page. Never trust an app with fake brokers, you will only lose your money.

Pro Binary Bot Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Pro Binary Bot is scam. We have reviewed hundreds of scams software and this one is no different. They use fake brokers, fake platform and fake results. Obviously, the platform is a scam and this review has proven.

If you find this software helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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