Power Signals is Scam! Real Review

Power Signals software is an auto training system designed and developed to steal, rip-off and take away money from traders. This review will provide you all the hidden lies, deception, fraud, bad scheme and fake offers.  Therefore, our review is presented to you comprehensively and clearly so you will not have any difficulties in understanding how a scam system works.

It is important that you read this thorough review, this will not just inform, update, enlighten, and notify you about this new software but also it will help you easily recognize, identify, spot, distinguish and determine other future bogus. Our power-signals.com review is written primarily for German Traders, as this scam software is highly advertised and promoted in Germany.

Generally our aim is to search and find a legit and trusted auto-trading system. Unfortunately, only few scheme falls into this category and determining which is legit and not are not that easy, particularly if you don’t have any idea what to look for. These scam systems are very deceiving, misleading, tricky and conning. They make their website looks reliable, dependable and unique to attract new traders to invest on them. However, even if they have done their best to make their website look as appealing as possible, there are still some flaws that are noticeable in most scam scheme. Like power-signals.com website, the evidences and proofs that it is a bogus system are presented below. Make sure that you read this entire Power Signals review before deciding.

Power Signals works on short term trading beginning from 60 seconds and then extended up to 5 minutes long. Some brokers synced to this system that allow them to extend up to ten to fifteen minutes trading. If you visit powersignals.com website you will notice several features like Martingale, Fibonacci and Classic. Generally, the Classic refers to regular binary options trading. The Fibonacci and Martingale will increase your investment after you lose a trade, with only small difference between them. The last two features of this software will empty your bank accounts easily.

The software has feature that enables the members to build their own trading strategies by turning on/off the indicators applied into the scheme- MACD, CCI, Stock, Trend, RSI, and others. After evaluating, analyzing, and testing we discovered that those indicators do not work. No matter which indicator you use or what you do there are no changes in the behavior, performance, activities and manners of the bot’s. Therefore, those options are made to create excuses, for the system’s owners.

The marketing of the software has been sending emails to new traders and we believe that it’s going to be viral very soon. The program has been welcoming and promising tremendous and empty hopes and mostly impossible and viable goals. This auto trading system is the newest scam in the industry of binary options. The creator and developer is unknown, their powersignals.com website is full of lies and deceiving information which definitely has nothing to do with the truth.  Thus, in this Power Signals review, we are planning to reveal, divulge, expose, uncover and bare everything we know about the system after we have done our in-depth, thorough, comprehensive, complete and detailed investigation. So, if in case you already received their invitation through email and having thoughts of joining them, make sure that you have read everything until the end.

Power Signals is Scam – Three Evidence

Unfortunately, this system is similar to Bullish University by Ben Newman which is also a fraud system that offers members false promises about generating a tremendous amount of money every day without even providing any evidence to these claims. This will take place and repeating on powersignals.com website, while the developers of this claim lies and practically misleading their visitors with fake, unreal, confusing details concerning the binary options trading to collect money from depositors, and get good commission.

The software is promoted and advertised by email marketers who encourage, lure, persuade and convince people to join by promising them vague promises without any legitimacy or credibility to operate and generate trades in the financial industry. Some of their claims that are questionable include 87% win rate, over 10,000 satisfied traders, risk free software, 500+ daily signals and the system is based on 6 popular indicators as mentioned above. Thus, before you sign up and join the software, consider reading this Power Signals review to help you decide and avoid unpleasant cases like losing all your money in the blink of the eye.

First Evidence – 100% Risk Free Software

The win rate 87% accuracy is attainable and achievable and we are not questioning it. This winning rate is considered very good and a legit one. Well known auto trader software can trade with the same accuracy and can produce the same result on a regular basis. But the other details you can find on its website are extremely fishy and have nothing to do with binary options trading, which lead us to question everything concerning this shady program. For instance, it has been mentioned in their website that Power Signals scheme is a “risk free system” but each time you hear this kind of claim, you assume that you will win every trading. But this is not possible and not viable.

Second Evidence – The Developers are Unknown

It is hard to trust an auto trader system with unknown developers. The Power Signals is scam because of not even mentioning the developers. They remain anonymous and mysterious, obscure, and secret from the wide public. This software is like white label design software, which you can purchase from a tech company.  Once you have it you can easily change how your system will look like and you can start scamming, fooling, steal and robbed people. There are 10 software and increasing with the same platform that is presently promoted into the auto trading market having the same goal to empty the bank of new traders.

One of the most vital details that traders are looking for when they are assessing and evaluating a system is their developers and owners. It is one way of determining if the software is legit and you can trust them. Thus, it is difficult to trust Power Signals software without knowing this first.  Obviously, this is a sign that Power Signals is scam, the system is nothing but a fraud.

Third Evidence – 10,000 Satisfied Traders within a Few Weeks is Impossible

If you visit their website power-signals.com you will notice this encouraging phrase “10,000 satisfied traders” If you will interpret this in layman’s term it means they already have 10,000 in a span of how many months, weeks or days? This has leads us to check in who.is the registration date of this system and guess what we found out. Who.is is the most well-known domain-age-checker tool with an objective to provide you with facts and dependable, streadfast, trustworthy and consistent details which obviously the owners of this fake website Power Signals. If you check out the website was registered only this 2016-09-01, which is just 16 days ago. Thus it goes to explain why there are no details available on Alexa or in any other sources in the internet. So, why they are claiming they have more than 10,000 satisfied members? Obviously and definitely this is a complete lie, it is impossible to achieve that number within 2 weeks.

Power Signals Review Conclusion

This review will prove that Power Signals is scam and is applying a dirty tactic with a fake demo. This software was developed, designed, programmed, and invented to steal money from traders. Never trust a vague, unclear, indistinguishable, ambiguous website, transparency is very important.

We exposed, uncovered, bared and revealed this fraud and unreliable system with important fake elements. Sad to say, the group of people behind this scheme are unknown thus it is hard to believe the things they mentioned in their website. The success rate is impossible and not viable to achieve and the 10,000 members after two weeks of launching is simply ridiculous and outrageous. Definitely this program is nothing but a scam.

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