Pattern Trader is Scam! Important Review

This in-depth Pattern Trader review will expose the many lies hidden in their The software was developed by Jeff Robbins. The website also include the initial testing results provided by the investors. The program looks like a very promising system but there is only limited information provided regarding the performance to issue a conclusive verdict.

If a trader has any issues concerning this scam, you can read our Pattern Trader review so one will have a better understanding how the system works and know if it is a scam or legit. Through our review you can decide whether to sign up with this binary options app or not. According to their promo video Jeff Robbins started his binary app developing firm five years ago. At present, he is the CEO of PatternTrader. He establishes his own firm because of his experience in different systems and signal services. Jeff Robbins primary wish is to create a trading app that works and will not waste your time.

This is how this application was introduced, develop with the assistance of a group of expert programmers and have wide experience in binary options. Jeff Robbins promotes PatternTrader widely. Sad to say, there is no way to confirm them so it is best to read this review completely to unveil the truth. This application depends on an algorithm that was developed for the 5 years. It has been developed with algorithm optimized to accommodate the needs of small investors that do not have experience, knowledge and has the means to generate big trading transactions. It has designed as user-friendly as possible. There are two things Jeff Robbins wants to point out as the advantages for his system. According to the developer of this app, it has secure servers positioned in each stock exchange presently operating on a global setting.

Pattern Trader is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our Pattern Trader review, we will check how this system performs. Potential users are promised that they will get at least $2200 a day. The app can uncover trading patterns and after evaluating them – it will trade with 90% chance of winning. This trading software can find up to 13,333 patterns every day. In short, the PatternTrader is expected to put a maximum of 70 trades per session, with 90% average success rate. The amount each trade that it is set to invest is $20 to $25.

PatternTrader software evaluates the available information every few seconds, analyzing worldwide resources, to determine trading patterns. These two things combined will supposedly help the platform to achieve 90% accuracy. However, we cannot confirm this statement. The program can be used both on your computer and mobile device, it does not matter what type of operating system one will use.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonials

Finding proof that Pattern Trader is scam is not that hard. The first thing we investigate during our review are the user testimonials. This system obviously has fake testimonials. Check the image above, the photos of the people giving testimonies are taken from different sites online. Either their photos were used without their knowledge or they are paid actors. Never trust a website with fake testimonials, it is a rule that you should follow if you don’t want to get victimized by these scammers. If the testimonials do not contain link to social media sites of the person then you should suspect something is fishy.

 Second Evidence – This App is NOT Free

Jeff Robbins stresses that he won’t ask a single cent from you. This is good news for many traders. Unfortunately, this is not true. After registering, the trader will be asked to deposit the minimum amount required to start trading which is $250. The money will go directly to the assigned broker. Another sad news is that these brokers are not regulated thus don’t expect that you will profit or get your money back. So, this application is not free, you will not be able to use the software until you deposit the required amount. This is another lie from Robbins.

Third Evidence – Working Unregulated Brokers

The most important thing that you need to find out before you start working with a trading robot is whether the software is associated with a regulated brokers or not. The primary concern with a scam app, which is also considered as an obvious indication of being a fraud is that if they will link your account to non-regulated brokers. Remember if you work with unregulated brokers, there is a higher possibility that you will not be able to get your money back if you ask for it, but there is no regulation authority that can handle your complaints when it happens.

The Pattern Trader platform is working with unlicensed or blacklisted brokers, which means that none of the proposed brokers on this software has a valid license from the regulation authority. In short, every cents deposited on this app should be considered lost. Don’t get victimized by this software.

Pattern Trader Review Conclusion

This comprehensive Pattern Trader review proves that this software is a scam. The evidences were presented and definitely these are all indications that people should not trust them at all. The fake testimonials, the lie about the free software and the unregulated brokers are only some of the reasons why you should not sign up with this system. There are other reasons which you will only discover once you register and pay the required amount.

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  1. Yes, I found the Czech version there , it is honestly scam. By the way, what you mean about this project – Blazing Trader. Is it scam too?


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