Passive Income Bot is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive Passive Income Bot review will reveal the latest scam in binary options trading. This robot was developed initially in 2014 by a group of European software scammers. It works together with 10 binary options brokers, and the investor can choose from one of licensed brokers they work with. The good thing about this robot is that you can choose the licensed brokers you want to work with. Another good feature of this system is that you can try the software in demo mode.

We will analyze all these claims and determine if they are legit or fraud. Based on our initial Passive Income Bot review, we think this is a scam. They claim that they are one of the highest rated automated trading schemes. Obviously, if one were in search for an in-depth review about binary trading robot, you wanted to know whether this is a scam or not. For us this is a fraud. We will reveal our evidences in the later part of this article.

Aside from the above claim, they say that they have high win rate that is why you are reading this review, right? Sad to say everything they mentioned in their website are not real. Thus, we suggest that before you go any further you have to read this Passive Income Bot review. The site of such robot is not created professionally. There are several elements placed badly which makes it look cheap. Unfortunately, based on our investigation this system is nothing but a scam.

Passive Income Bot is Scam – Three Evidences

This platform created by Carl Razinski is nothing but a scam. This is the part of our review where we will show proofs why we consider it as fraud. If one have watched the promo video in their website, you must have seen a man claiming that he is the developer of the mentioned system. According to Carl Razinski this scheme can predict winning trades with higher accuracy as compared to others. This will assure you that one will earn around $50,000 in a month. The program is supposed to employ WSMT algorithm in predicting the trades depending on the different considerations such as weather patterns and trends. If you are not familiar with WSMR it means Wall Street Master Trades. But there is no information about this algorithm which makes us a bit suspicious that there is something wrong with the system. Below are some evidences that will prove this app is fraud.

This program is supposed to provide a streamlined approach to generate money online through automated binary options trading. They are also claiming that it is a private ATM machine which a trader can get their money anytime they need it. However, that is a lie and people should not believe them. This system is just like any other scam software draining your account empty. Its developer is lying about many things and we will prove it to you. Carl Razinski the alleged developer of such system succeeded in misleading people through its core principles. He offers several nonsensical data – but only to confuse people. Everything about linear and nonlinear equations is senseless, because binary is not just about mathematics. In order to succeed in trading, you need to combine mathematical algorithms and thorough market analysis.

First Evidence – Carl Razinski is a Fake

The presenter of the system you see in their promo video is Carl Razinski who claims to be as the owner of the system. Sad to say this man is a scam actor. This man is a fictitious character and is being paid per number of words. Everything he claims in the video is all lies. From his name itself to the algorithm he uses, and to the profit he said an investor can earn, these are all lies.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

If you visit their website, you will see four videos of four individuals testifying that they earn a lot in trading with the help of this robot. However, upon checking on the identity of each individual, we have found out that all of them are fake. Take a look at the above image of one of a man who testifies in the video. He is a paid actor from They are being paid to act and tell lies in order to attract more investors. Therefore, these people are not actual users of this scam program.

Third Evidence – The Software is a Rebranded Scam

The software is supposed to be a unique application developed by Carl Razinski. However, during our investigation and review we found out that there is nothing unique about it and it uses the same old White Label Robot that is being rebranded. Most scam system are using this white label software and anybody can purchase it. Check out the comparison above, the other scam robot also uses the same method.

Passive Income Bot Review Conclusion

This review proves that Passive Income Bot is scam. It is a very dangerous software, one is because it has a fake owner who claims to become rich with his system. Also the testimonies you see on their video are all fake and fabricated. The algorithm being presented in this scam application are also a rebranded white label method.

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There is nothing good about this app, thus we recommend that you should stay away from this no matter what. if you find this review helpful, feel free to share this review to others.

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