Palmills is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

You are reading our Palmills review because you are interested in joining the company. Unfortunately, we are not recommending this site we have found out that this program is scam. Our review will expose all the false promises of

There are lots of complaints about the system for not paying their investors. We will also investigate and check if the rumors about CEO are real. Continue reading our review and you will find out whether you can trust Palmills or not. Some of you might have received an email about this amazing opportunity. The offer may sound impressive, but believe us investing in this industry means losing your money. They might have told you that they own a palm oil company or they are investing on it. Do not believe a single word is telling you. The people behind this business are a bunch of scammers who are stealing money from investors.

Before we present the evidences, let us first discuss how works. Palmills introduced themselves as an investment firm that invests in palm oil. Their website focuses on the process of making palm oil, how it is extracted and how the plant is grown. Also, they discuss the health and economic benefits of investment with this product being advertised as one of the best. makes you believe that palm oil is as valuable as bitcoin or gold. We are not experts in trading this product but we are aware of the value of investments online and the programs in general. Palm oil HYIP is new to us but high yield investment program is not new to us and we know that this program does not last longer.

This program usually offers a very high rate of interest for a very small investment and is categorized as scam since they offer more than they can actually pay. Since uses the same platform it is considered as scam. The real problem with is not only it offers a very high return on investment. The concern is they are operating under false pretenses. Let’s check out first what Palmills wants to embark. Normally, HYIP scams offer different plans. In the case of Palmills it offers only 1 plan. The program offers only a return of 3.5% for 60 days. It is around 210% total profits after 2 months.

Palmills is Scam – Three Evidences

You might be thinking if Palmills is legally registered or not. They are legally registered business. However, their business address is in the UK. If you have read some of our HYIP reviews, one will notice that most of them have business address in UK even if they come from other countries.

It’s because UK is not that strict when it comes to registering a company. All you need to provide are the nature of your firm and the business name. There is no need for you to submit tons of documents. As we continue with our Palmills review, we will present to you the evidences that will prove that is scam.

First Evidence – Fake CEO and Owner

The company is being represented by a man named Robert Peacock. He claims to be the creator and CEO of Palmills. Peacock looks like a charismatic person who knows a lot about the product.  We have searched Google for additional about the man but we were not able to find one. The only thing that we discovered about Robert Peacock is that he is an actor from and his real name is Stan Hustad. Included in his service are fake testimonials and false reviews. The real creator of this scam business is most likely that same person behind several others HYIPs that we have busted.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonies

The one who also appears on a separate video, who supposed to be one of the investors giving his testimonials is also a fake actor. He is also from These things are very common in scam software, people should be aware of this. Palmills is scam. If you can easily identify a fake testimonial from a legit one, the scammers cannot fool you at all. It looks like there is nothing legitimate about

Third Evidence – No Proof on their Connection with Palm Oil

The offer is too good to be true. The question is can they really provide such profit. If so, how they do it. The answer, you will not get the any because there is no explanation whatsoever of how the money is earned. They are giving you a notion that if you give them your money, they will use it to process more of the product, which they will sell to generate a massive profit. They will divide that profit to all the investors.

It looks legit and possible, but Palmills has not reported any earnings since the day they launched the app. They don’t have any information about sales of their product or was not able to provide proof tha they have the product on hand. Keep in mind not all investment companies that claim they something to invest in, are real. The truth is that does not own a plant source. The scammers behind this scheme are just making it up to attract people and encourage them to invest.

Palmills Review Conclusion

This review proves that Palmills is scam, investing in is not a good idea. The indications of a fraud company are clear, fake owner, fraud testimonial, and lack of transparency as to where the investments go and how much it earns. We suggest that you should stay away from this scam or you will be sorry.

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