OptimaBit is Scam! Bitcoin HYIP Review

You are reading this comprehensive OptimaBit review because you want to know whether Optima Bit is scam or not. This review will also expose the fraud and fake investment site that wants to steal your money. If you have plans of joining the OptimaBit.net make sure that you have read this review from start to finish.

After reading this review, you will be thanking us that we have expose this malicious and nasty scam. This review is intended for our readers that have lost money because they invested in OptimaBit.net. The best way to stop this scam website is to spread the news and advise them not to invest in this site. They will only stop to operate when the money stops to come in.

This Optimabit review can help you make a smart decision whether to invest on it or not. Optimabit.net claims that the business is a cryptocurrency trading and mining firm that is registered and is situated in the UK. They offer a daily earning of 3% that will last for 2 months. According to them, the payments are released during weekends. As we verify these claims, we want you to remember that HYIP is known to be a scam plan particularly if they are not listed on high yield investment plan monitors.

We have been focusing on OptimaBit.net for 20 days now. We have encountered several customer complaints telling us that the site has not paid them yet. This is not good for a firm that just opened a month ago, and haven’t proven anything yet. OptimaBit.net is registered in the UK. However, it’s not enough to prove that OptimaBit is legit. The certification is only a business registration so they can pay legal taxes on their profit. The UK is lenient and they do not monitor these sites.

In short, OptimaBit is scam, is not insured or regulated. It only means that if you lose your money, there is no other way to get it back. To fully understand why we consider Optima Bit as scam, we will present to you three evidences that will prove it is a scam.

OptimaBit is Scam – Three Evidences

Optima Bit claims that it is easy to earn money with them. All you need to do is to deposit the required amount and OptimaBit will do the work while you wait and watch your money grow every day.

According to them as well that it is an optimal passive income that grows your cash and works for you, as you sleep. OptimaBit offers a simple plan of 3% every day for 2 months, with your profits being credited seven days a week. The total return is 180%. They will instruct you to deposit using Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Advcash. They offer a rewarding opportunity to produce more money by informing your friends in their program.

First Evidence – Unknown Owner and Developer

The man on the video that introduces Optimabit is Mr. Freddie Ross. He is part of the team that is responsible for this investment site. He sounds legit and impressive but sad to say we have found out that his real name is Alex and he is working on Fiverr.com.

Mr. Freddie Ross is an amateur actor, being paid to lie. OptimaBit.net has lied about the identity of the real owner deliberately by using the actor. Obviously, this is a clear proof that OptimaBit is scam.

Second Evidence – No Proof of Trading in Cryptocurrency

OptimaBit was not able to present any proof that they are dealing with mining or trading. There is no way they can even try to prove this claim. The worst part is that Optima Bit lacks a trading portfolio. A legit investment site should be able to provide a history of their previous gains and losses.

Those companies that cannot provide their investment history is most likely lying to you. OptimaBit was not able to provide info concerning their supposed bitcoin mining. They thought that the investors would not bother to look for it. The truth is that Optima Bit does not trade using cryptocurrency or mine for Bitcoin. They are using a generic HYIP scam and it does have any intention of paying anyone else.

In some instances, OptimaBit will pay their partners to produce more deposits. These partners would do anything to trick you and tell you that they are paying.

Third Evidence – Not Paying

A legit and real investment opportunity will present to you their trading portfolio histoty, the name of the developer and the team and the regulation and insurance from a reliable source. OptimaBit.net is not paying. The figures presented in their OptimaBit website does not prove that the company is paying their investors.

The best proof is a portofolio that contains the name of the investors and some proof that these people are real like link to their social media sites. Keep in mind never trust a website without enough proof if you do, you will surely lose all your investment.

OptimaBit Review Conclusion

This in-depth review proves that OptimaBit is scam and you should not trust them at all. The firm is not paying their investors and if they do pay, you cannot withdraw the entire amount. The company will eventually close if they feel that they are not getting enough investors. This complete review has proven that investing in high yield investment program will not help you earn legit cash.

If you find this OptimaBit review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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