Optical Signal System is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive Optical Signal System review will expose the lie and deception found in their opticalsignalsystem.co. We have written this review to warn people they should not trust this app. This software is the latest scam in the internet today. The opticalsignalsystem.co has lots of fake promises that you should not believe at all. These promises are fabricated to attract more traders and to encourage traders to sign up.

Before you make further action, we suggest you read our complete review first. This review will include how the app works, their fake promises and claims and the evidences that will prove Optical Signal System is scam.

Let’s start by checking out their claims and promises. If you visit opticalsignalsystem.co, you will be greeted with the promo video that starts with lots of selling point. It describes this bot as the ultimate binary trading weapon. Also, one of their claims is that their program is proven and certified signal system which we think we need to investigate. According to the alleged developer Dominic Shepherd the software will assure you 90% winning rate. He is offering the binary trading world users a sure $3,000 profit every day and it is given free of charge. This is one of the reasons why we feel we should write this Optical Signal System review and investigate. He claims that it uses one of a kind super algorithm that enables users to have an advantage over other traders.

The algorithm can turn the impossible to possible when on auto pilot mode. It only means that if you haven’t tried trading, you are not aware what put or call is. The application will carry out everything you need to do in trading while you do the dishes. According to them you should follow some of their expert trade patterns, and you will become a pro in an instant. As we mentioned on other reviews, never trust a website that offers too good to be true profit. This application is scam and you should avoid it at all cost.

Optical Signal System is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our Optical Signal System review we found out this application has the ability to perform more than 14 trades a day. The trading is also done worldwide. Is this claim possible? We will find out as we continue with our investigation. The trading begins at 5 and the signals are sent through emails, SMS and MT4. Also, the scammers behind this app claim that the platform is compatible with any kind of asset that users can find in Meta trader 4. They are doing this to show new traders that this program can work with any device.

We have evidences that will prove this program is a rotten scam along with the people who appears on their video. We also found some similarities with other scam website and thus we connect the dots. The only difference between the two apps is the names, colors, and everything else uses the same scam artists. Who would want to come up a legit app and not recognized for it? Only fraudsters pretending to have legit software are not displaying their names. It’s because the scammers are aware this is a risk they cannot take.

First Evidence – Fake Organization and Fake Developer

First and foremost Dominic Shepherd is the scammer behind these two scams. Obviously, Dominic Shepherd is not real. He is just an actor paid to act as the CEO and Founder of these two scam software.  He is also boasting as being the president of the Live the Dream Life Club. The truth is that this is a phony organization. He claims that it is dedicated to help people to achieve financial freedom. This company does not exist and is only fabricated. It only signifies that Dominic Shepherd is not honest and the website is not transparent about how it was developed. It’s a clear indication that Optical Signal System is scam.

Second Evidence – Fake Result

Just like other scam website, opticalsignalsystem.co has commited several mistakes particularly on the trading dates. They presented results which include trading results on March 26, 2017. If you have time you can check on the calendar why we believe they are lying. You guess it right. March 26 is a Sunday and it is impossible for them to jet results during that day since there is no trading. The market is closed during weekends. You should keep this in mind. Any application presenting results and traded during weekends are lying. Thus we considered them as scam. It is a clear proof that the app is fake.

Third Evidence – More Lies and Deceptions

This phony app is full of lies and deception. Most of the things they offer are taken from all angles to persuade people to join them. The scammers behind this program are aware that their software is useless. At first, their video states that the system is only available for a limited slot. This is an old way of forcing people to join them. This tactic is old and is being used by many scam software. Since you have a limited time to decide they will force you to sign up before the slot runs out.

Optical Signal System Review Conclusion

Definitely without a doubt Optical Signal System is scam and people should not trust them at all. We have presented the evidences here in our review and it’s quite obvious that they are just trying to trick people. Make sure that you have read our review from start to finish so you will know on your own how detect scam software.

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