OptiBin Robot is Scam! Trading Software Review

OptiBin Robot software was developed by unknown scammers and claims as a 100% automated binary options trading system. We have created OptiBin Robot review to show the traders how this malicious, lousy, nasty, malevolent and wicked software works. This will expose, reveal, explore, scrutinize and evaluate the program. The robot claims in their optibinrobot.com website that it’s a web based app, just like other binary options competing services, which implies that there is no need for you to download anything to start trading. You may utilize the robot in any type of mobile device or computer just ensures that you have a reliable, fast, and dependable internet connection.

The OptiBin Robot software is free to sign up as per what the scammers claim. However, you cannot register and start trading without paying the minimum amount of $250 and is supported by brokers. For new traders who get easily lured, tempted, trapped, attracted and persuaded by these scammers, Optibin Robot review is for you. Read this review from start to finish and it will enlighten you as to why this Optibin Robot software is being tagged as one of the ludicrous, ridiculous, outrageous, and nonsensical scam app these days.

If you visit optibinrobot.com website nothing will interest you that much. The program analyzes, evaluates, assesses, gauges, and weighs the present market trend for the assets the platform is working on and computes the value of several trading statistics in real time. The Optibin Robot software utilizes multiple indicators to produce and generate the signals. The app then executes the transaction in your broker account instantly as per optibinrobot.com. The scheme utilizes various money management robots – the classic system, the Martingale system and the Fibonacci system.

The Classic as what optibinrobot.com claims that this set up is the safest set up since it always trades utilizing the same amount. The Martingale on the other hand is a system that is utilized by the most popular professional traders. This robot increases the amount after losing, which enables you to generate the profit that you want. It then returns to the original trade amount. The Martingale is recognized as the most profitable among the three system involved in Optibin Robot software however it’s also the most dangerous and risky one. The Fibonacci is very effective with currency pairs. This is very precise and boosts your trades after losing, but drops them after you win. The Code Fibo is an Auto trader which utilizes this process exclusively.

Optibin Robot is Scam – Three Evidences

The developers of iRobot, who might be the same creator of this platform were probably unhappy at the amount they made so they decided to relaunch the software under a different name, hoping that this time they will be able to encourage, entice, persuade more young people to trade using this scammers. The worst thing about this software is that it has a demo video that fakes the results. So as we continue with this Optibin Robot review you can see high profits and your actual account that is growing fast. Because of this some traders would refer to this scheme as something dependable, legit, trusted and trustworthy but not for long. Once they have read this review they will surely change their minds and believe that Optibin Robot is scam.

According to Optibinrobot.com this program is a simple solution for online auto trading, which makes it easy and accessible for everyone who want to join the binary options, which includes novice and individuals who have absolutely no experience or knowledge on binary options. The scam claims that the scheme is the most accurate robot, no need for you to stay in front of your computer all day, monitoring complicated, intricate, confusing and hard to understand charts and waiting for the trading indicators. With this robot trader can simply set it at auto pilot and you are on the go. Traders can have more time with your loved ones, you may do other things that you need to do for the reason that this binary option robot will do all the work, even while you are asleep. Sounds very legit and interesting but wait until you have finished reading this Optibin Robot review.

If you check out their promotional video at optibinrobot.com if you are alert and very observant, you will notice a part of the text that mistakenly wrote iRobot instead of Optibin Robot software. Thanks to this mistake we were able to find out that Optibin Robot is scam. According to some it is a relaunch of the old version known as the iRobot.

First Evidence – Unknown Owners/ Developers

We have been checking out their optibinrobot.com website to confirm if the one who created iRobot is the same scammers who does this. Sad to say, we were not able to find one. There’s no visible, no apparent and trustworthy device. Would you invest your hard-earned money in suspicious and shady software, basically because they are telling you that the application cannot make you rich? Or you will put your money in app that is popular with real people behind it. The staff can be contacted easily in the web or through social media. The program with legit and trusted website and has a good history in binary options trading.

Always keep in mind that most of the Ponzi schemes in the market today are working in the same manner. These programs are created with one purpose, to steal the trader’s money with minimum investment for creating the scam. And because of this there are lots of essentials points that are nowhere to be found. In short, don’t trust faceless auto trader to trade for you

Second Evidence – No Testimonials to Support Claims

One thing that makes software legit is the testimonials. This is the back bone of a trusted and legit money generating program. Would you believe when scheme told you that they can make you a millionaire within a week without any proof? of course not. If their system really works they should have interviewed someone who succeeded in trading using this system. Testimonials are very vital in every investment application. It is the best way to attract traders to invest on your system without it, there is less possibility that someone will invest on your system.

Because Optinbin Robot software lack video material or images of successful traders, we decided to look for them on our own hoping that we can find one. After thorough, in-depth, and days of searching using all the search engines available even social media networks we have found nothing. On the other hand, every single legit trader has black listed this fraud and fake auto trader. How people can trust their app without real testimonials. Honestly, we don’t think this scheme will last longer in the financial market. Who would invest in a system with shady evidence?

Third Evidence – Optibin Robot is Scam with Unreal Profits

Finally we have come to the most important part of this Optibin Robot review, the profits. According to the optibinrobot.com video, generating money from trading using auto trader is very easy. In fact, it is so profitable that you can make millions of dollars easily for a shorter period of time. Definitely and obviously, the developer of this scam does not have any idea how binary options go. Absolutely, it is very profitable, but becoming a millionaire within months or weeks is ridiculous, outrageous, outlandish and simply unbelievable and come to think of it you are only investing $250 on it.

OptiBin Robot Review Conclusion

Obviously, Optibin Robot is scam. This Optibin Robot review has shown clear, apparent, solid and strong evidence that this scam is a fraud and there is nothing good about it. The scam is a low budgeted scheme that will result to big money loses. The best thing that traders can do to remain safe and keep their money protected is to stay away from optibinrobit.com. There are some legit and trusted auto trader robots out there, all you need to carry out some research and read our review. These legit schemes have real people behind them unlike this scam. They have support that traders can talk to and share your views and opinions any time you need them.

This review will open your eyes in the reality that there is no such thing as overnight millionaire. This is the most ridiculous thing a program can promise. You can always ask for professional help if you really want to do business in trading. Keep in mind that in this kind of financial market it is not always winning, there are situations that you will lose but you will be able to come back again.

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