How Dangerous Is Opalcrypto? Scam or Legit? Review

Opalcrypto is an investment company that deals with bitcoin trading and mining. The company claims that a trader can generate 30% ROI within one week. Very interesting that makes many investors quite curious about this app. 

The question is, can it provide? Opalcrypto has a great impressive marketing strategy. Sad to say, it is one of those get rich quick scam that you need to avoid. According to them, from the moment you join them, you can become rich in an instant. 

This Opalcrypto review will show you how they attract clients and urge beginners to sign up with them. They would promise you various bonuses that you cannot resist. But, we have found evidence to prove that they are using a Ponzi scheme. Continue reading this review and find out how this scam software works.

What is Opalcrypto?

This American company is introduced as an investment platform to invest using the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Opalcrypto promises to take care of everything. All you need to do is sign up and deposit money and be ready to harvest the fruit of your investment. 

The software offers eight different investment plans. The lowest has a minimum deposit of $50 with a daily return of 2.7%. The biggest investment has a minimum deposit of $610,000 and provides a 100% return in a week.

Would you think the company is capable of giving these returns? Find out as you continue reading this review.

How does it work?

First, you need to sign up and register using your email. Then they will let you choose from their four bitcoin investment plans. The Starter with a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum is $500 will allow you to earn 12% weekly. The Silver plan minimum deposit is $500, and the maximum is $10000 with a 15% ROI. The Gold offers a 25% ROI weekly, while the Platinum plan provides 160% monthly.

After you have deposited the amount required, a broker will be assigned to perform the trading on your behalf. All you need to do is to wait. The sad news is that the brokers are not regulated. You will be made to believe that you will get the earnings they promised, but in reality, you will not. 

Why Opalcrypto is a scam?

As mentioned earlier, you will not earn anything with Opalcrypto. Instead, you will lose your hard-earned money because it is a scam. You will be able to withdraw on some trading, but they will encourage you to reinvest. But because they are using a Ponzi scheme, they will not sustain and collapse when no new traders sign up. In this review, we will present the evidence that will prove that this is nothing but a scam and not safe at all. 

Unreal and Impossible Plans

The easiest way to detect an investment scam is to look at the numbers they offer. In reality, you will get a certain percentage per year and a few tens in a year if you are dealing with the best investment companies. 


So, if Opalcrypto offers such investment, you know that it is not possible and very unreal. You can easily conclude that this app is nothing but a scam. Most scammers promise impossible earnings to attract more traders. The numbers are enough proof to say that this platform is a scam. 

Fake team

If you check out other cryptocurrencies sites, you will see the same names but with different images. It looks like the developers of these sites are the same scammers involved in Opalcrypto investment. Even one of them bears the name of a man, but you will see a female photo. 

Fake testimonials

This is what most scammers would do. They would make fake testimonials with a phony name and fake results. Check what we have found. The trading is done on June 20, 2020, does not bear anything. Even the present trading does not provide value, and you can see them in the photo below. Opalcrypto cannot prove itself that it is a legal app. 


Opalcrypto Invest is nothing but a scam. It is not regulated and being run by scammers. You should avoid it. If you want to try real crypto investing, search for a legitimate and safe regulated company with a free demo using virtual money. You need to understand the risks involved in trading.

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Is Opalcrypto a scam or safe?

Definitely not, as scammers are operating it, and there are lots of proof to support this.

Why there are positive reviews about Opalcrypto?

These positive reviews are paid to do so. You can check out the comments section of the review, and you will notice that many can attest that it is a scam

Can I earn money using this software?

You will be able to earn at first trades, but you will lose more in the end. 

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