Online Profit Generator is Scam! Warning Review

The primary purpose of this Online Profit Generator review is to make sure that traders particularly the newbies are protected against scam. We have made our initial assessment about this app and we think that OnlineProfitGenerator is scam. This  review includes information about the software, how it works and the evidences that will prove it’s a scam.

According to Andres Thomsen the alleged developer of this fraud app, the system is easy to use. Even those without any experience in trading can start generating money using this app. If you explore you will see their claim that it is 100% free, however it is not what you think. They also claim that the software is fully automated and will place the winning trade for you.

The application is reaching successful trade percentages that no other software can and its all becasue of the system’s sophisticated code that drives the entire system. Lots of novice trader have flocked into the app members area because of its successful trade ration that is presently reaching and Andres Thomsen claims that it has high successful trades as reflected by the trades done by their beta-testers. The big question is how the software works and does it has the capability to provide such high rate of success when investing in binary options industry. We will unleash the truth in this review.

This system was developed with the user in mind and is capable to work on complete auto mode. The app can find and automate the trades for the investor. There are lots of investors that was able to earn $2765.25. Before you get too excited and sign up, read this review until the end before you decide. Once you sign up, you can plug into live trading thru this system and start receiving real-time alerts right away so there is no need for a novice to study the ins and outs of binary investing.

Online Profit Generator is Scam – Three Evidences

According to its developer the system can find the best trading opportunities that can provide you up to 97% profit in every successful trade. It will alert you and tell you what and how to trade. The investment options are limited when it comes to binary and those are known as the put or the call. The software will tell the user to put a call, the option will go up by signals of expiration. On the other hand the put implies that the option is going downward.

According to Thomsen, the latest addition to its system is the automation feature which will control the trading by putting the trades at the system’s chosen broker. Thru this they can encourage hundreds of new traders to join on a daily basis. This free app is monitoring the world’s financial market continuously, 24/7 Massive Data Crunching Mainframes to find patterns in the international market. What you have read on the first three paragraphs are the things they claim to provide and what the program can offer. The succeeding parts of Online Profit Generator review will show you the proofs why should not trust this system.

First Evidence – Recycled Software

When we first visit, we notice something familiar. Since it was not only long ago when we review Auto Money Machine, we easily recall why this software looks familiar. And we think we are right. This system is a recycled  application of the other scam. They have the same system with different names of developers and different logo but everything else is the same. It looks like a work of lazy scammers. They did not even exert effort to create a new website to make it look legit. If Auto Money Machine uses Opteck, this app used Swiss Assets Management. Take note it is not connected with Switzerland and is an unregulated broker. This is an indication that the system is a recycled scam.

Second Evidence – Works with Unregulated Broker

As mentioned earlier, the system will encourage you to open an account and assigned you to an unregulated broker which they have chosen and will ask you to deposit the money to them. Why would they assign you to the broker of their choice? Simple they are being paid by this broker as commission for referring them, and that is the primary goal of this program. So if you let them do the trading using your money, you will surely lose it all. The reason is because they are not trading at all. They simply get your money and tell you that you lose the trading so they can take your money. This is how scammers work and they are still doing it. But since we expose it already their days are numbered.

Third Evidence – 93.7% of Users are Profitable

This percentage is quite high and this is not possible. If they can make everybody rich then how come they do not even show any proof that their members are really earning $2765.25 every day. Its because there is no truth about this. Even the legit software cannot provide such income. Considering that they can provide it, where is their proof. No trading results or testimonials from successful traders where posted on their Clearly this scheme is a scam.

Online Profit Generator Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Online Profit Generator is scam. The alleged developer Andres Thomsen is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this app. If you search Google for him you will not be able to find anything about him beside his connection with this fraud. The above evidences are enough proofs that this is a fraud and you should stay away from it.

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