One Touch Trade is Scam! Important Review

This comprehensive OneTouch Trade review will prove that this software is a scam. Traders and investors love numbers. They love to count their earnings and can calculate how they can achieve the profit that they want. However, there are some particularly the novice who thought they need the help of a program in order to generate the funds they need. And because of their eagerness to earn fast and get rich, they sometimes forgot to check which software to trust.

As a result, instead of earning they loses everything they have invested. The OneTouch Trade is scam and this review will prove it to you. We will provide evidences on each red flag that we will find in their website. This thorough review will start with the alleged owner Jeffrey Peterson and will go deeper on the lies that are hidden in website. But before we go any further, let us first give you some information about the system and how we came up with the conclusion that this scheme is a scam.

You have reached our OneTouch Trade review just to check if what Jeffrey Peterson is claiming is true or not. We will help you analyze what is shown in the promotional video and what are the things they are hiding from the consumers. Jeffrey Peterson introduces himself as the living proof this application can help you become a millionaire. According to him an investor can make $6000 within a few hours, this is just the normal profit that this system is capable to produce. A trader can actually earn around $7,000,000 in just a few months. Through the help of this scheme he was able to drive luxurious cars, he lives in sprawling mansion and can buy everything he wants to.

Sounds very encouraging but wait until you finish this OneTouch Trade review. We are also being told this system is fully automated which already have 12,428 user base around the world. From the time, you activate it, it will work right away and begins to generate earnings for you. This app is designed to bring you into the front row of this industry.

One Touch Trade is Scam – Three Evidences

If a company assures you of daily income of $6000 or higher a day this is not possible and you should trust them. Not even the most dependable and reliable business can achieve such earnings. Thus, obviously the OneTouch Trade is scam and you should stay away from it. What Jeffrey Peterson is claiming is not viable and an impossible feat. The people behind this scam are not mentioned, only Peterson was named as the owner but the rest of the team are anonymous. This part of our review will discuss the evidences we have collected during our investigation. It will surely help you in deciding whether to trust this application or not.

Based on our OneTouch Trade review, we have found out that this scam has an inbuilt history feature. This can track and record the trading done on behalf of the thousands of users of this scheme. The scheme is like a self-improving feature which lets the software to improve its own record of 75% win rate to 85% at present. Just like other software it’s being offered for free. The minimum amount that one can invest is $250.

First Evidence – Uses Unregistered Brokers

When you sign up for this scheme the first thing you can get is a basic binary options robot. If you check out the screenshot above, you will notice that it gives you limited options. You can set the number of trades, the asset type and the amount per trade. But the most essential feature of this trading software is the capability to choose a licensed and regulated broker. The broker assigned is the Tradextra, which is not a regulated broker.  If you trust unlicensed broker, be ready to lose your investment. Once you deposit your money, the chance of earning a profit from this is very slim. There are lots of complaints from new investors who were trapped by this scam broker. Sad to say there is nothing we can do to help you get your money back. The best solution is that before you do the trading makes sure that you are dealing with licensed and regulated brokers.

Second Evidence – 100% Free

Jeffrey Peterson claims that you will be given access to the app for free. Well if it is for free, then why the system OneTouch Trade requires the investor to deposit a minimum amount of $250 before one can use the system. Once you made a deposit expect for the worst, you will not be able to get your money back or even profit from it. Almost all binary option trading software offer their system for free but would asked for a certain amount before the investors can use the app. So, what is new?

Third Evidence – Fake Testimonials

All of the above personalities claiming that they have earned a lot using the app are all fabricated. If these individuals are for real they should have included a link on their profile or anything that will prove these individual really exist. The photos are stock images taken from a website. If is legit they should have included at least the Facebook account or the twitter account of these individuals. Clearly it is one indication this application is nothing but a scam.

OneTouch Trade Review Conclusion

This in-depth OneTouch Trade review reveals how the app is trying to trick people so they can benefit from it. The fake testimonials, unregistered brokers and claiming it is 100% free are all signs that we are dealing with fraud software. So, it is best that you away from this program.

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