Onassis Alliance is Scam! Review & Trading Results

You have encountered a lot of binary options trading software in the internet and you are having a hard time deciding which the legit one is. This Onassis Alliance review will expose this newest launched binary options scam software with facts and proofs. This app is absolutely a joke and in attempt to fool innocent traders across the globe. We investigate and try to reveal and expose their evil intention, and that is when we know about Jed Onassis is an ordinary individual but an expert con artist.

Earning $650 per hour is not possible and is impossible to achieve. This amount is not viable, ridiculous and outrageous. This fact is enough for you to stay away from this software. No matter what you do, you cannot earn $650 an hour. Rather, you will get frustrated because you are losing and will continue and give this scam a chance hoping it will win the next trades. But, that will never occur with a platform that only scans the market to make bad decisions. So, in order to save you, we have come up with this honest Onassis Alliance review.

According to the supposed owner of this scam Jed Onassis, the speedy counter trade algorithm can change the life of the trader. If you check out their Onassisalliance.co, you will be enticed with the $7500 per day earning. With this amount you can buy everything you want everything you need and anything you ever wanted and dreamed about. You can even take a rest by setting it on auto on the next trade directing it in different direction when it perceives a change might occur within the last few milliseconds.  According to Onassisalliance.co the system is very stable and strong, that it decided to carry out a test and open up ten spots for those who are fed up and want to put an end to the rat race.

The algorithm of the Onassis Alliance will search for the future trades, searching for that one with a good potential. This app works quite fast, it may take minute or two as it analyzes all the future trades. This platform has discovered one that it will instantly place that trade on your behalf with use of some of the money in your account. You will the timer is ticking informing you how long until the next trade. The times changes, sometimes after a few second and other times a few minutes. It is always ticking and there are always hundreds of trades happening all the time. It will change your life by helping you earn $7500 or even more each day. The platform is so easy to use and generating money with this platform from the Onassisalliance.co is easy. This software is known to be as the worst scam created this year. Even if we take into consideration this assertion that Onassis Alliance system was utilizing safe and secure advanced technology to enter and exit spots in the market, there is no guarantee that you will not lose a single dollar. Losing is part of trading industry, and that who attempts to change this fact is 100% a thief.

Onassis Alliance is Scam – Three Evidences

We have heard the most ridiculous thing in the binary options trading, that this software was supposed to close and open trades. According to Onassisalliance.co the Onassis Alliance scanned the market to position trades if they have the chance to do so. That’s the only thing they could say about the algorithm of this app. Is this shallow explanation acceptable? Absolutely not! That is something that you can use to fool a five year old child, not an experienced trader who has a lot of knowledge about the industry. These were fraud and fabricated and shown to the novice trader with the plan to fool them. In case these recordings were live, then people would clearly see the entry and exit costs. People would be able to see the direction of the trade and how long it will take.

Official Website | Onassisalliance.co

The reason why they have removed this information is because the scammers feared that reviewers will go behind their backs to confirm if the said entry and exit prices were accurate at the given time. Thus, the facts which we have collected during the comprehensive Onassis Alliance review are as honest as they can get.

First Evidence – Fake Company and Owner

Have you seen the introductory videos in OnassisAlliance.co, narrated by a man named Jed Onassis? He introduces himself as the developer and the CEO of this app. What is bothering us is that this man lacks credibility or we cannot find any information about this man. Let’s check what is being offered. The traders are given a chance to beta-test what people are forced to believe as simplified autotrader that generates millions of dollars for free. This claim is very suspicious, there is no proof that Jed is actively trading in the binary option market. The main point here is that you need to know whom you are dealing with particularly if it involves financial matters. Come to think of this, if this man is really generous enough to help others becomes a millionaire he would have been world famous. In short, Jed Onassis is not real but a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this scam.

Considering that you believe Jed  Onassis of onassisalliance.co was the real founder, looking into his group can definitely help you establish their bad methods. It’s because the company does not exist at all. You have seen the video of office buildings and conference rooms, but if you check online, Google were not able to provide you information as to where this company is actually located. If these fraudsters prefer to lie about its origins, then traders should think what other aspects are they from people.

Second Evidences – Unrealistic Profits

This is where they fall off track, when these fraudsters have committed errors which only prove further that Onassis Alliance is scam. Some recordings were added in their promo video to show how powerful this app to cash out a minimum daily amount of $7500. But, some screenshots and information where caught which don’t sum up correctly. For example, Jed Onassis talks to one of his beta tester, with whom he talks about that the tester’s need only to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to get started. But with one trade he was able to earn $200, almost doubling her initial deposit.

With the above information this only shows that Martha doubles her money with one transaction, but this is absolutely not possible. Even if you invested $250 with single position, you cannot earn $200. But even if the Onassis Alliance trades such big amounts, trading very hard as shown in their footage can definitely blow your account, which is how these bogus developers can profit from your losses.  The onassisalliance.co together with their paid actors are eager to manipulate novice investors from all sides, claiming there is no need to worry about losing trades since this Onassis Alliance is programmed with alternative measure and fail-safe system for preventing losses. There are lots of scams that have dictated similar situations, yet do not hold their assurance. Hopefully, this review will help you from getting victimized by this scam.

Third Evidence – 97.4% Winning Rate Not Viable

The promise to have at least a 97.4% winning rate is quite impossible. You should know by now that part of binary options trading is losing and not just once but several times. So how come this system is claiming a 97.4% win rate? The win rate by definitions means it is the ratio between the traders winning trades and losing trade. Also, if you trade with 97.4% rate, it means that you will be winning 97 trades out of 100 trades, and you will be losing only 3 trades. One clear sign that we are dealing with a scam app. Even the most legit software will not be able to trade with this high ratio. It does not make any sense at all.

Onassis Alliance Review  Conclusion

Hope our Onassisalliance.co review was able to open your eyes to reality that the Onassis Alliance is scam. Definitely, it will not take you to the promise land. Unfortunately, this auto trader is not an authentic financial tool that will offer you with profitable and reliable winning traders, but it will empty your trading account as soon as you make a deposit. We suggest that you stay away from this scam.

Make sure that you only open a trading account with a licensed and legit company that will provide you with a proven and trustworthy system to trade with rather than ending up with an empty account. With all the evidences and proofs, we therefore conclude that the Onassis Alliance is scam and is developed and designed by scammers with one objective in mind to steal your money.

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OnassisAlliance.co has exposed too at whizzoptions, which also blacklisted it and warned the English traders from being associated with this scam.

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