Obcasio is Scam! Trading Software Review

If you are in doubt and confused whether Obcasio is scam or not, here is a comprehensive and complete review to help you decide. This software is the newest viral scam in binary options trading industry developed by the alleged owner Michael Watson. Their promotional video in their obcasio.co website might encourage you. We are here to protect that is why we investigated this system and found out that it is just like any other scam software. Don’t be fooled by this application. We are sure you are not yet convinced unless we present to you the evidences that we have gathered during our Obcasio review.

The Obcasio software is being promoted in the net aggressively via email marketing. The term Obcasio is a Latin term which means opportunity. There are lots of people who have been asking us whether this is a legit app or not. Because of this, we decided to investigate to help you safe and protected against these scam. During our Obcasio review of their website obcasio.co, we have found some suspicious details, which people should be aware off. From this information you will be able to decide clearly.  That is why it is a must that you read this comprehensive Obcasio review from start to finish before you sign up with this investment app.

If the trader knows how these scam systems work, one will not fall with this aggressively promoted application with only one objective in mind to rip you off. It is not our first time to hear such a cheap and bogus robot like Obcasio, claiming to generate good amount of money. According to the supposed to be owner it can help you produce money from $10k up to $100k per day. If this is true, then why there are still a lot of traders who are still struggling to earn some money. Since this app is for free, there is no need for you to worry, so what’s keeping you and the others to sign up? That is precisely our point. This too good to be true Obcasio software is like any other fraud software trying to entice people to sign up by providing lies and false hope. Good thing you have trusted your instinct. The center of our investigation is the obcasio.co website. We will scrutinize and assess through this Obcasio review their claims, lies and misleading information to warn people and help them to have a safe trading. But before we enumerate and show you our evidences that we gathered during our Obcasio review let us first explain how the Obcasio software developed by Michael Watson supposed to work.

According to Michael Watson, the Obcasio software works by utilizing a simple technique known as Contrarian method-trade in. If you know how binary option trading works, the trader will immediately notice that this is a losing technique, thus it is not acceptable and you will notice in our Obcasio review.

Obcasio is Scam – Three Evidences

We reviewed several scam app and the story behind Obcasio is the same. The offer to help you earn from $10k to $100k a day is an obvious indication that this is not a legit scheme. We have seen lots of traders who have been utilizing the most reliable and dependable robots out there, but still cannot earn such amount. Actually they need at least several days or a week in order to earn $300. The profit that Michael Watson is claiming and obcasio.co program is not viable and is no way can become possible not today and not even in the near future.

Official Website | Obcasio.co

There are lots ways to determine whether or not you can generate money using applications such as Obcasio software. One is the market volatility which is difficult to predict even with the help of a robot because every day is different, as well as the behavior of a specific currency pair on that day. Next, the speed of execution of the scam and broker needs to be fast and consistent. In the case of Obcasio, we cannot profit at all since it was designed to make money for the owner and the scammers behind it and not the user. Eventually, you will notice that most of your trades are not winning, either because this scheme cannot read volatility at all or the broker and the scam developer are doing some hocus focus on you to make sure that you will lose all your investment.

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Continue reading this Obcasio review to help you decide whether to trust this app or not.

First Evidence – Michael Watson the Actor

You should know by now that scam program hires actors to represent them and act as the owners because they need to hide their real identities. If you visit obcasio.co you will see this man in the video welcoming you and narrating one by one the lies behind their app. During our Obcasio review we have discovered that Michael Watson the man who introduced himself as the owner and the one responsible for this app is a fictitious character. He also claims that he is a multi-millionaire, just like any other scam platform does but not even one trader knows them. He is not visible on social media unlike other legit software owners. He is even unknown on Wall Street.

As we continue with our Obcasio review, let’s discuss how Michael Watson tries to fool people and make us believe that he is the owner of this scam. Just like any fake actor he is a freelancer actor from Fiverr.com and was paid $5 for 50 words including his appearance in the video. If there is someone who is earning big in this kind of business it’s the fake actors. According to him he was featured in Forbes magazine but upon checking and confirming about his claim it looks like the scammers behind this scam are simply copying what other fraud app tell the people. Maybe they are also the group of fraudsters behind many fraud app in the internet today.

Second Evidence – Operating for Many Years – A LIE

At the first part of the obcasio.co promo video, Michael Watson mentioned that in August 24, 2005 he quit his job as a senior trader at one of the biggest investment banks in the world and started to work on his newest program of designing an automated robot that will generate money on the financial industry based on an advanced algorithm that he and his team of developers have coded. He also mentioned that since 2014 he produced 100 new millionaires who earned at least $2000 a day, and today he is welcoming for the last time and inviting 100 more random individual to join in his 2016 Obcasio group.

Check out the date the obcasio.co website was registered, obviously he is lying. If we intend to reveal the reality and expose the entire lies that we have discovered during this video presentation, then we are going to have a much simpler work to do. To prove that the man on the video is lying, we checked who.is as to when obcasio.co was registered. The website was registered only this 2016-11-03, which is two weeks ago. So how come Michael Watson was able to recruit 100 individuals in 2014 when it was only this November the Obcasio software was officially registered.

Third Evidence – The Spots Remaining

When we visited their obcasio.co website there are only 20 spots remaining. We are being encouraged to act fast and sign up before the spot runs out. Then the counter has trimmed down to 16, but after an hour we tried to close and then if someone revisited the site the spots left is 20 again. If the Obcasio software was a profitable app as explained, then spots would be full by now. What this scammers are aiming is to have as many individual as possible to sign up with in their system so they can steal your money and get lost upon reaching their target amount. If a visitor wants to leave their obcasio.co website, you will not be allowed, when you want to do that, a pop up message will appear informing you that you should not leave empty handed. This is absolutely nonsense. Their main objective is to sign up, make a deposit and get lost with your money. Legit website will not use blocking pop up.

Obcasio Review Conclusion

Obcasio is scam without a doubt. The evidences presented in this complete review prove that this is a fraud system. Their main objective is to steal money from innocent people who are struggling to look for a way of increasing their income. It is important that you read reviews, consult experts and do some research before choosing a trading system.

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