Is Oakminers Legit or Scam? An Honest Review

Oakminers is an unregulated online investment platform. The developer claims that it is a mining and trading Forex and cryptocurrencies. It is a combination of mining and investing in network marketing and educational programs. 

This platform offers four investment plans – Standard, Silver, Premium, and Ultimate. What it provides is quite confusing. The company says you get 40% or up to $3000 or higher, but it does not indicate how and when you can get it. 

This Oakminers review will provide evidence and show proof that this platform is a scam and traders should not trust it. 

What is Oakminers?

Oakminers is involved in digital currency investment, Forex, and BTC mining. It is a diverse investment entity that provides education services. But, we are not sure what sort of education they are offering. 

The platform is also involved in network marketing and is best for anyone who wants to buy or sell BTC if proven reliable. But unfortunately, they are not. It is not safe to trade using this platform. It is operating illegally and if you want to try it, be prepared to lose your money.

How does it work?

The company claims that they are using software to produce high rewards. Also, this platform serves as a BTC wallet account. They handle the funds of their clients. But, you need to be very careful when trusting them with your hard-earned money. 

According to Oakminers, even if you do not know about trading, you can use the software. All you need to do is to sign up and start producing huge returns. This trading bot will navigate the market and do the trading on your behalf. Helping you win big. If this is a legal app, they might provide it, but they are not. 

Also, they claim that only 5% of investors can trade successfully. Oakminers pretend to be multiple expert investors that do not depend on machines to generate profits. They are also boasting many years of experience in the field. Sad to say, you should not trust a platform with fake history. 

Why Oakminers is a scam?

This part of our review will prove that Oakminers is a scam, and you should not trust it at all. It is somewhat similar to another scam website, the CashFX Group. Some reviews are favoring the app, but there is no truth on this. If you can check the comments, you will notice not all agree that it is a legitimate site. Here are proofs that will prove why this platform is a scam. 

Fake testimonials

Oakminers’ testimonial page features individuals stating their successful stories upon investing their money. But these testimonials are all fake. One of the testimonials is from a woman who says that she joined the platform on January 1, 2020, by depositing $500, and after trading using the software, it is now $21,830. In short, it has gained around 43.66% for less than a year. 

Obviously, there is a lie in this testimonial. The minimum deposit required is $3,000, so how come she was able to trade at $500. More essentially, Oakminers was launched in April 2020, so someone can’t earn in January 2020 using this app when it was just launched later. 

This testimonial is definitely a lie, and traders should not trust it at all.

Fake certificate

The company is showing a fake certificate of incorporation in the UK. Proving this fact is easy, and you can check them out on the Companies House website. You will not find any company with this name registered, which is an obvious indication that this is a scam. 


Even if they are registered in the Companies House, it still does not mean that it is legitimate since it is only for tax registration. It is a must for an investment company to be regulated by a financial regulatory authority. 

The company office is headquartered in Panama and does not mention anything about the UK office. So it does not make sense that it is registered in the UK. So it’s obvious the UK certificate is fake. 

Unregulated company

It is a must that an investment company is regulated. It needs to be licensed that is valid in the country where it operates. And since Oakminers is not licensed as an investment firm, it is considered a scam, and you should not trust it at all. The address provided by the company is fake and is not regulated nor registered anywhere. 

It only means that no one oversees the company, where clients and others deposit the money. The software has zero protection and may disappear anytime, and you will have difficulty tracking your money. 

And since the transactions are done using cryptocurrencies, there is no way to reverse them, and as an ordinary individual, you will not be able to know whom you sent the money to. 


It is evident in this review that Oakminers is a scam, and you should not trust it. The company does not perform any mining or investing. It is just doing all the dirty work to steal the investor’s money so stay away from it. 

If you want to try crypto investing, try the free demo account of a regulated company. You can use virtual money for trading. 

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Is Oakminers scam?

No, this platform is not safe to deal with.

Are my funds safe with Oakminers?

Since Oakminers is not regulated, your funds are not secured at all. You can get bankrupt in one day. 

Can anyone sign up?

Based on the company’s rules and regulations, you need to be 18 years to start with Oakminers. 

How to withdraw my profits?

You cannot withdraw your profit with Cryptohopper as they will not allow you to do so. They would make a lot of excuses for why you cannot withdraw your money. 

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