Nova Trader is Scam! Important Review

We have been hearing several complaints about this system, and because of this we believe that it is just right to make an in-depth review about this. Our Nova Trader review will reveal the lies and misleading information found in their website. For those who haven’t heard about this fraud, read our review to have an idea how dangerous this software is. Just like the rest of the scam applications NovaTrader also promise to help you become rich fast.

Our main purpose of this Nova Trader review is to give a warning; one should not trust a website that offers impossible earnings. Before you decide and make further action, you should read this complete review from the beginning to end.

Traders should be on the lookout! This latest scam scheme will steal your money and empty your account. You might be saying what is new. All of these apps claim to help you get rich fast are all fraud. This trading software developed by Michael Newberry is a fake. The platform is designed to control new traders and they convince them to put their money in this fraud app. The scammers behind this platform want to make these new traders believe that becoming rich is easy. This is a detailed review to prove that NovaTrader is a fraud automated program and is dangerous to its users.

Our team considers this system as scam just like other fraud applications. But we will not just tell you it is a scam without providing you any proof. As you continue reading our Nova Trader review we will reveal to you how risky this software is and how they tried to trick people. Their website contains misleading information to trick and deceive interested traders looking for an extra income. If you have plans of giving this software a chance hoping that you can earn $5250 each day as what the system promises you should better think twice. Reading our review will help you understand how dangerous this platform is. After reading this review, one will be able to decide intelligently.

Nova Trader is Scam – Three Evidences

The software offers its members a daily profit of $5250 which means you can become a millionaire within a matter of months. This is also what other fake scheme offers. According to Michael Newberry, new traders should not worry about losing trades since the software is integrated to something known as Cloud Hosting collected by Analysts and Wall investors. What they offer is quite impressive, but sorry to disappoint you these are all lies.

We noticed that this program is identical to other scam websites like Tera App, Delta App, Terabit Trader and others. The overall layout and trading platforms are the same with the mentioned applications. It looks like that the developers of these software are the same group responsible for NovaTrader. The succeeding paragraphs of our review include the evidences that will prove that Nova Trader is scam and you should not trust them at all.

As you continue reading this review, you will learn how this bogus tries to trick and deceive people so they can steal their money.

First Evidence – Software is Not Free

The first thing you need to know is that if the software has the capability to turn an ordinary trader to become a millionaire without exerting a lot of effort, it is impossible for it to be free. This is not the only lie you will discover in their website. The offer that it can help you earn $3025 within 24 hours is absolutely not possible. These lies will surely affect the credibility of this program. Its claim that their application is the world’s most powerful trading system that it can never lose trading is also not true.

Second Evidence – Who is Michael Newberry?

Michael Newberry is the alleged CEO and developer of his own company Nova Holdings. This is the company that supposedly helps in developing the Nova Trader system. But based on our research, we discovered that there are no facts that can prove the existence of Nova Holdings. Google cannot confirm the existence of this company anywhere around the globe. Michael Newberry is a fake company. Just like its company Michael Newberry is also a fictitious character. The scammers created the character to make the software looks legit. Obviously these scammers are not transparent about their profit. This makes us wonder what else they are lying about.

Third Evidences – Fake Reviews

Using paid actors to give testimonies and reviews and pretending to be a beta-tester are very common in a scam software. Our review reveals that the actors were hired from If you have seen a lot of scam software some of the actors look familiar since they are being hired again and again. We believe Nova Trader is scam not just because they uses actors to make testimonials. We consider them as scam because of their fake results, the app is not trading at all. Also, the man in their testimonials is seen in different scam websites promoting different companies and software. This makes this app a scam. Would you believe someone promoting different companies and telling lie all the time?

Nova Trader Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that Nova Trader is scam, the program is nothing but a scam. Just like other scam websites the scammers behind this application makes use of actors who have been seen in different fraud program. The site also offers impossible profits which even the legit company cannot provide. One should read our comprehensive review first before deciding so you will not get scammed.

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