Nova Star is Scam! Critical Review

This Nova Star review will show you some facts about the system that you might have heard before. This binary options signals application went live on April 30, 2017 under the name of Nova App. Of course you have heard of it because they have been promoting this software vigorously.

But you need to know more whether this app can help you earn a lot or it is a scam just like others. Check if you should use the Nova Star trading app, and will it help you to earn money or it will steal your money.

Nova Star app is very similar to other binary options trading signals application. If you watch their video, the actors sound good and look convincing and real. They encourage people and they want you to believe that this is true, you can actually earn $3025 within 24 hours. By simply following the signals that will generate, you will be able to earn the said amount. The people behind this scam have been sending emails to their target users hoping that they can attract as many as they can.

Serious traders and investors of binary options and Forex already know that the signal is only as better as the timing of the trade. If a person tells you to purchase the Euro against the USD because it is going up, you will gain profit, if only you trade at the right time. If a trader buys too late or too early, particularly when trading binary options you will empty your account. The alleged developer is Michael Newberry. He claims that the software never loses. This makes us suspect that it is a scam. This has prompted us to investigate even further to check the legitimacy of

The system is popular in countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. The most dangerous and deceptive factor of the Novastar is their promotional video that they use in luring people to sign up. The alleged owner Michael Newberry, is a fictitious character serve as their scapegoat of this crazy binary options scam. This is not the first time that we see this technique used by scam marketers. Actually, the technique is very common to many scam website that we expose.

Nova Star is Scam – Three Evidence

As we continue with our Novastar review we will present to you the evidences that will prove Nova Star is scam. We have exposed hundreds of other scams and most of their promo video starts with their luxurious yachts, lifestyle and vehicles.

The video is not exempted from this. Their promo video starts with luxury in life and promises a good life which are too good to be true. We will show in this Nova Star review how the scammers behind this app tried to trick us.

First Evidence – Who is Michael Newberry?

We are too familiar with the tactic that NovaStar tries to pull on us. This application is full of lies, photo-shopped and nonsense evidence. The claim that they can help us earn $5000 a day is impossible. They also claim that its winning rate is 100%. Those are absolute lie from the alleged developer Michael Newberry.

Michael Newberry is a fictitious character. According to him he is a multi-millionaire but upon checking the name is fabricated and the person is unknown to many. If one searches for his identity in Google, one will not be able to find anything about him because he does not exist at all. He did not bother to create his professional profile, and used the money that he claims he build while trading. If he is a big time software engineer who earns a lot of dollars his name should be known in the trading industry.

Second Evidence – Fake Reviews

Just like other scam software, Nova Star used paid actors to pretend to be successful with fake trading app. Since the people behind this scam are aware that they will never generate any money, fake testimonies and reviews are exploited. The man their website is one of the scripted reviews recorded by scammers. The man has appeared several times in various binary scams so it is easy for us to find the real identity of this man. He is seen in Banker Profits, Nova Trader, Ten Fold Finance and XTP App. These are all scam software.

Third Evidence – Nova Holdings A Fake Company

If a trader checks the video at, you will he Michael Newberry proclaims himself as the founder and CEO of his company, Nova Holdings. The organization which finances the creation of, the lie behind this is that the company does not exist at all. You can check it on your own, the fact that Google does not recognize Nova Holdings as a registered company proves that Nova Star is scam. This technique is very common to many scam website, so be very careful if you see one.

Nova Star Review Conclusion

Definitely without a doubt Nova Star is scam and this is what our comprehensive review proves. The usual tactics of many scam applications are also seen in this software. The alleged owner and developer who does not exist at all, the fake testimonials and the non-existing company, all of these are signs of being a scam. So make sure you stay away from this app.

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