Nimbus Review – Viral Ponzi Scam

Nimbus is like other crypto crowdfunding companies. On their website, they describe their company as a Fintech crowdfunding platform. It can prove a wide range of trading options, and users can earn a lot from it. You will be amazed at the advanced features and infrastructure they are offering. We find something suspicious about this platform that investors need to know to make sure you will not get victimized.

This Nimbus review will discuss how the system works and the vital aspects of the platform. After reading this post, it is easy for you to decide whether it is safe to invest in this or not.

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is managed by its CEO Andrea Zanon. You can check LinkedIn Zanon’s profile. But, there is one thing that we noticed. It does not mention Nimbus on his profile. The man appears in the marketing video and claims to have 20 years of experience in the global financial industry.

This platform offers its affiliates to invest in NMBT points. Your $1 is equivalent to 1 NMBT. Nimbus offers daily ROI that ranges from 0.25% to 0.5%.

Residual commissions are also offered by the company through its uni-level compensation structure, with 25 team levels. Nimbus uses NMBT to pay commissions as a percentage of the returns paid to downline.

How does it work?

This platform does not offer retail products or services. The only thing you can earn from this is the affiliate membership. But it is a bit expensive.  

Joining Nimbus is free. But if you want to earn, you should spend $350, the minimum on this platform. This is quite a big amount of money, and it is a new company so you should not trust it right away.

Why Nimbus is a scam?

Nimbus has different features, but they were created to attract more people and encourage them to invest in the company. We don’t recommend that you do that as there is proof that it is a scam. Some of them are as follows:

Illegal services

The company is not regulated, which means no regulatory organization or individuals is monitoring them. Thus, they can take your money and disappear. It’s because of this why we consider the Nimbus software as a scam. 

Your money is safe if you invest in a regulated investment firm. If you work on an unregulated exchange, if it goes out of business, you will not be able to get the money you invested through any financial compensation to terminate the brokerage

Ponzi scheme and affiliates

Nimbus does not offer any physical products or services. You can earn through affiliate membership. If you join this platform, you need to invest in NMBT points where $1 is equal to 1 NMBT. If you want to earn 0.25% a day, you need to invest $350 to $1000 in NMBT. If you’re going to make more, you need to invest more. 

This platform also offers residual commission through its uni-level compensation. It places an affiliate at the top of the uni-level team, with their recruits placed under their downline.  


Ponzi scheme is a fraud investing platform which produces ROI for earlier investors using the money invested by new investors. It is somewhat similar to a pyramid scheme. This business is hard to sustain, mainly if your only source is the new members’ investment. If they have collected enough funds, you will not hear from them again. 

NMBT Coin and Avalon app – Fake residual income

Nimbus is generating NMBT tokens for members who pay the required fees. Remember, the company does not have any high cost when generating NMBT tokens. They promise to generate 225% in residual income, which is impossible to achieve

Avalon app is a third party company that handles the Nimbus payment of revenue. When they said that Avalon App is a proprietary inter-exchange trading system, it is a lie. Since the company is not legitimate and not legal, there is no organization or group of individuals that can check them. 

This only means that there is no proof this company can generate external revenue from arbitrage trading. You also need to remember that NMBT tokens are worthless. 


We confirm that Nimbus is scam, their owners claim to be a fintech crowdfunding system. But in reality, it is a Ponzi scheme. The app uses worthless NMBT tokens that claim to generate 225% residual commission, which impossible to achieve.

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Is Nimbus Platform safe?

No, it is not safe. It is a scam. The fact that it is not regulated and applies a Ponzi scheme, there is no doubt it is a fraud.

Is the Nimbus platform fraud security?

Yes, it is. The fact that it provides passive income it is committing security fraud being an MLM company. The company has no evidence that it has registered with the security regulators in any jurisdiction.

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