New Age Bank is Scam! Critical Review

This New Age Bank review will reveal all the lies and deception. is not a bank it’s a company that offers profit through investment. The business applies a Ponzi scheme which is illegal in any financial institution. You will learn more about this scam business and we will show you evidences that will prove our claim.

Our New Age Bank review will provide in details everything you need to know and you will find answers on many queries about this company. Some of you might be questioning us what makes us think that it uses a Ponzi scheme. The first thing that we want to clear is that this business is not a bank.

This review will answer questions about, their offers and how they work. Also included in this review are evidences that will confirm our suspicion that New Age Bank is scam. People should stop calling this business as a bank. The site is an online company which falls under the illegal Ponzi scheme. Thus we are not recommending this Newagebank. In order for the business to be recommended it should be legal and sustainable. And we find this company neither legal nor sustainable. And you will find out why as you continue reading this New Age Bank review.

The New Age Bank was registered in February 11, 2017. This type of company can only make money by lending loan. But in the case of they are not into lending a loan, but only on taking a deposit. Also, in order to sustain their business, they should look for individuals who are willing to take a loan at a 100% rate every month. Are you willing to pay 100% interest every month? Definitely not! Therefore, they are not here to generate money by giving loan, they will continue paying the members by using the money deposited by new members in their system, definitely a Ponzi scheme.

New Age Bank is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our review, this fraud bank scam claims that it can help double your Bitcoin in 30 days. We don’t want to disappoint you but this firm does have the capability to provide what it claims because it is an HYIP and does not pay at all. As with BTC scams, if you lost your investment with this fraud, there is no way you can get it back.

If you use bitcoin online and you get scammed, one will not be able to file complaints. Keep in mind never use bitcoin for suspicious site like

First Evidence – Fake Owner

This company failed to mention its real owner in details and does not provide any information about him in its website. In their marketing video, one will see the image of alleged executive director of the company by the name of Kai Williams. However, there is no real proof that will confirm that he is the owner of the company. These scam websites make it hard for the people to determine who to pursue. That is why most of them do not divulge the real developer or owner of the company. If you watch their promo video he introduces himself as Kai Williams but in his video in Youtube he calls himself as Kai Wallis, so which is his real name? This isn’t just a typo error but a sign of a badly design scam site created by Russian scammers.

During our investigation we have found out that Kai Williams is a fictitious character. He is an actor paid to act as the CEO to represent the people behind this scam.

Second Evidence – Ponzi Scheme

We have mentioned earlier that is not a real bank and we are not sure if they are paying or not. After further investigation and talking to their past members we have found out that the firm does pay their members, but only on their first withdrawal. They are doing this to make people believe that it‘s a legit site. The money used in paying the older members is from the money deposited by new members. Definitely this is a Ponzi scheme. They will encourage you to increase your investment or will suggest that instead of withdrawing their profit they can add it on their investment.

Third Evidence – Fake Card

The firm does not provide any proof that it can actually help you earn 200% ROI. If one explores their website, you will not be able to find anything that will prove it is possible. They will start their scheming tactic from the time you deposit the money. They say the company can help you double your bitcoin within one month. But they failed to explain how they will do it. The CEO did not mention it in the video. He only focuses on showing you their Bitcoin card which according to them you can use to withdraw at any bitcoin ATM machine. Another obvious indication that it is a scam is the card itself. The card is a fake it does not contain Mastercard or Visa logo. The card is a fake like a child’s toy. You cannot find any bank in the world that can provide a 200% ROI. It is impossible.

New Age Bank Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that New Age Bank is scam, this firm is nothing but fraud and people should not trust them at all. Fake CEO, fake card and fake promises are clear indication that you are dealing with a scam website.

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1 thought on “New Age Bank is Scam! Critical Review”

  1. My boyfriend tried his hand at this and joined soon after the website was open for “business”. He showed me that it paid him and he made back his deposit of I think 0.1btc (or something) after a little over a month.
    Is it possible he actually got that back or did he only think he did? Was the paying out up until shortly before the website vanished? Let me know what you think! I’m interested (and also to know if my boyfriend actually lost any money)


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