Neavar Review – Is It a Paying Platform or a Scam? offered professional help for their clients and created a profitable investment. If you want to invest in this company, you have to think first and read this review before you do. The company claims to be investing its member’s money in the pharmaceutical sector. This industry is a multi-billion market and continues to grow because of the continuous demand for its products.

Neavar believes if you invest your money in this market, you can double your money within a short time. However, we find suspicious activities in the company, so we have written this review to warn the people. We believe that this app is a scam, and you should not invest your money in it.

What is Neavar? claims to be in the stock market of pharmaceutical companies for 15 years. The company believes that the pharmaceutical industry can bring good profits in the long run. Despite the competition in this field, it is developing and will continue to rise regardless of the world’s economic situation.

Neavar is an HYIP or high yield investment program that offers a daily profit of 3.5%. HYIP is an investment program that usually offers high earnings on the capital invested. This app offers an excellent opportunity to earn with tremendous interest, the payout percentage is high, and with easy exit to breakeven.

The platform offers to earn interest with every-second accrual of profitability. The question is, will they able to provide? Continue reading this review, and you will find out.

How does it work?

Everything starts on Neavar main page, where you will create and register a personal account. The registration tab is located in the upper right corner. In the form, you need to provide the basic information. You will be asked for your Telegram account, but it is up to you whether to share it with them or not. Once you have completed the registration process, the system will generate a login and password for you, which you can modify if you want.

You will be asked to deposit the required amount. The system will choose the tariff plan automatically depending on how much you deposit. Withdrawal requests can be submitted anytime by clicking the “Withdraw” button once your balance is $0.1. You need to provide the payment system, amount and confirm the request.

Why Neavar is a scam?

Neaver is yet another HYIP platform operating illegally without any license from the authorized authority. The only certification they have is the tax registration in the UK which does not have any value.

We have included this company on our list of scam websites because of many reasons, some of which are discussed below.

Lying about years of operation

If you visit their home page and scroll down on the top investors, they have been making money in pharmaceutical companies’ stock market for 15 years. How can this be possible if they only launched the company last year? It looks like they are lying on the number of years they have been operating.

What could be their purpose for doing this? Being in the business for so long can attract many people and make them believe it is a reliable platform. They are doing this so that people would invest in them.

Unregulated company   

Like other scam financial companies, Neavar uses this tax certification to make people think they are legit and regulated. But for those who are not aware, this certification has nothing to do with sites’ eligibility to operate legally.

Neavar review

Any investment company operating in the UK should get its certificate from FCA. As soon as you get your license to operate as such to FCA, you will be considered a legal investment company.

Fake director

Upon checking on the identity of the developers, we have found Gibbs, Philip as the director of the company. However, when we search the name on Google and find any post that connects Gibbs to the company, we failed to find one.

We therefore conclude that the character does not exist at all. The company provided a fake name just for the sake of completing the required information to obtain a tax certification.


After our thorough review, we have concluded that Neavar is scam. The fake director, too good to be true earnings, operating without FCA license and other violations are enough proof that it is not legitimate software. It is not safe to transact with them so make sure you stay away from it. For those who want to share their experiences feel free to comment below.

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Who are the people behind

If you check their tax certification, a person named Gibbs, Philip was provided and supposed to be the director of But upon checking the identity of the guy in Google, we have found nothing that will connect him to the company.

Is it safe to invest in Neavar?

Definitely not. Your money is not safe with them because it is a scam.

What is the minimum amount do I need to deposit to start earning?

The minimum amount you can deposit is $3, and the maximum is $500,000. But we suggest that you should not invest in because the evidence is clear. It is a scam.

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