Nasdaq Inside Trader is Scam! An Honest Review

This Nasdaq Inside Trader review will prove to you that this app is nothing but a scam. This system was developed by Alex Steele and just like other scam scheme their website is full of lies and deceit. Traders are aware that the second largest stock exchange worldwide is Nasdaq. The presenter in website is Alex Steele. He introduces the software and boasts about how he used to work there.

According to him he is not an ordinary trader. He will not exchange Nasdaq even if you offer him $6 million plus bonuses. The website he claims that he produced 34 people in the last 18 months. Also, around $180,000 can be produced each month which means you can earn over $250 per hour. Very enticing isn’t it? After you sign up and open an account, you will start producing money within the first 30 minutes. During our review we discover that one can set it up within 5 minutes, as soon as the account is set-up and you can use it right away. After you fill in your email-id and name, Alex Steele will offer a $2,000 bonus. This really sounds enticing.

According to Alex Steele, their system has higher winning rate as compared to other binary options trading system in 2016. The binary option is very popular among investors these days. It is the conventional way of trading and deals easily in the world. If you are decided to enter in this kind of investment make sure you look for legitimate software. This app which claims to help you in this industry is unreliable as you think it is. This review will reveal the lies and deceit of this They claim that they are the most powerful scheme that conquers the market. By using the powerful strength of social media to attract profits such as this system you can be able to generate $1000 to $4800 each day for free. Sounds very encouraging but is it possible to earn such amount?

Nasdaq Inside Trader is Scam – Three Evidences

The narrator in this promotional video at website has been claiming that he is the owner and creator of this scam. The most advanced automatic trading application today. According to the narrator this app works on the principles of creating winning trades just by measuring the market conditions and trends on every day trading to provide their 1231 users with around $250 every hour. Alex Steele claims this scheme can increase your account up to $180k a month, and upon completing the registration form, you will receive $2000 welcome bonus. Below are evidences to prove this application is a scam.

This scam works on 100% autopilot. All you need to do is to open an account. The application will look for traders around the world for you and mimic their trades directly to your account. This program will automatically analyze the trader’s profile and take note of their trading stats, total earnings and portfolios. The rest is hands-free and automatic, thus all you need to do is to wait. The next step is to watch as the trade to its thing and generate the profits. With this platform you retain total control of your account and can stop copying the trader all at once.

First Evidence – Owner Fictitious Character

Alex Steele who claims to be the Owner and CEO of this Nasdaq Inside Trader scam is nothing but a voice narrator who has been paid by a group of fraudsters who aim to get all the money you have in your account as soon as you made the deposit. This man has nothing to do with trading or in any other company associated with trading that offers a reliable service to its customers. For instance, if you search the name Alex Steele the search engine will provide you nothing but scam review.

Second Evidence – Impossible Profit

This Nasdaq Inside Trader review reveals that this scam system claims that it can also earns $250 every hour, $4500 a day and $180 thousand a month is impossible and will not happen in this industry not even in near future. Also they are claiming that they can generate with no less than $6000 each day and at the same time, and also stated in their pitch video has been mentioned that you will be producing $4500 each day. So this detail is not just wrong, but they are also misleading trying to trick people who are interested on joining the system.

Third Evidence – 100% Winning Rate

According to the developer this is the most advanced robot on the industry that could forecast winning trades with no less than 100% winning rate, this only means that this app will never loss, and every trade will end up winning. This is ridiculous. An expert trader knows that this is a losing and winning transaction, thus 100% winning rate is not possible. Losing is part of the game, those who do not realize this, will usually lose their investments.

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Nasdaq Inside Trader Review Conclusion

Nasdaq Inside Trader is scam and this review was able to prove it. The above three evidences are enough to prove that people should stay away from this. We would suggest that you read our comprehensive Nasdaq Inside Trader review before you sign up or you will be sorry. Never trust a system that promises profit that is too good to be true, the tendency is that they are scam. Make sure that you check the system legitimacy first before trusting them.

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