My FX Agents is Scam! Investment Program Review

Why you are reading this review? It’s either you are interested on the software or you have been victimized by MyFxAgents. Whatever your reason it might be you are in the right page. Our comprehensive My Fx Agents review includes evidences and proof that this system is nothing but a scam. We will try to explain how this new investment program works and why we think it is not legit.

If you are having a hard time deciding if this is the best way to earn online, you should start reading our review before you take further action. We have been checking out this website and following it since the time it was launched two months ago. If you already sign up with then you can share your experience to us. We have collected some information about this system and some of the actual user reviews to make our MyFxAgents review as complete as possible.

MyFxAgents is a cryptocurrency investment program that is presented by Rick Daniels. He gives you the opportunity to generate a maximum of 10% Return of Investment every week for 25 weeks until the investment expires. They don’t need anything from you except for your money. It is not considered as HYIP since the profits are much lower as compared to a pure high yield investment scam. But, just because we don’t classify it as High Yield Investment Program it does not mean that you can trust the platform.

My Fx Agents is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our My Fx Agents review we will present to you the evidences that this system is just like other scam software. They will encourage you to invest and then steal your money and empty your trading account. But have you ever wonder how David Kaberos and his team do this, continue reading our in-depth review and find out.

If one is interested on investing in David Kaberos MyFxAgents, the first thing that you need to do is to open an account. Then you can invest any amount, however the minimum amount is $50, and the maximum is $50,000. Of course, we suggest that you should start at the minimum amount. But with this software we are not recommending you to sign up or invest any amount on it. If a trader invests $50, you will earn 10% every week for 25 weeks. You will get paid every Friday. If one wants he can use his earnings as an investment in another plan. All the programs offer the same income but if one invests a large amount of money you will earn higher up to 30% for 30 weeks.

First Evidence – Who is David Kaberos

David Kaberos is the alleged founder and CEO. But we failed on verifying this because Google was not able to provide any information about him. The man does not have a social media account. No photos of him or any contact information thus we feel that he is a fictitious character created by the scammers behind this scheme. To hide their identities they create name or character to represent them. Good thing this software has mentioned the name of its developer.

Unfortunately, David Kaberos is not real. A clear indication that My Fx Agents is scam. The website has FB, Google+, and Twitter button but it will not take you anywhere. It was just added there to make it look legit. In short, the website doesn’t have any legit social media accounts.

Second Evidence – Launching Date

Myfxagents claims that they have been successful for many years but their website was registered only on December 10, 2016. How can they possibly operate without their website? User signs up in their website and thru they can access the software. Does it make any sense operating for many years without the website? We don’t think so. People would not simply register and sign up without checking first how reliable, credible and legit the software.

Third Evidence – No Real User Reviews

MyFxAgents does not have any real user reviews. They were not able to present any proof that their users are succeeding in earning using their application. They don’t have an active social media account. They only provide reviews given by random individuals who are maybe paid to promote their affiliate link. Since it was just a month ago when it was introduced we cannot find people who had actually used the software. Some users may get their first pay but after that they will not get anything and empty their account. It is common for scam applications.

My Fx Agents Review Conclusion

With the above evidences mentioned in this review we can conclude that My Fx Agents is scam. In this review we were able to presented the facts which makes us believed that it will not help you at all to earn money. There are other reasons not included in this review but it is less significant. We can provide more proofs if needed. After several months we can check on this software again and update our readers about this scam. As of the moment we are convinced that this is a scam and people should stay away from this scam. If you want to try the application, you can do so but be prepared to lose your money.

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