My Cash Method is Scam! Real Review

Wondering what MyCashMethod can offer? Well, we have written this My Cash Method review to expose the lies and reveal to you the truth behind this app. The people behind this new system claim that even those without any experience in trading can use it. The app is free of charge and it cannot fail. Sounds very impressive right? Here’s more, by a push of a button on your device, you can get advices from the experts and you just need to follow it. We want to know if all they are telling us is real or just another bogus, so we decided to investigate and make a review.

Most of you don’t know how this software works, it’s because Michael Thompson does not tell us. No information about this application was provided that can make the profitable trades in binary trading. The algorithm or trading strategies of this program is unclear. We want to know if this is really for free and can it provide the profit it promises. Trading binary options is very profitable, but it carries the risk of losing money. That is why if an app claims that it has 100% winning rate it’s a bogus lie.

This application was released on May 11, 2017, and it is a copy of a previous scam known as Monaco Treasure and Quick Cash Method. All of the mentioned apps use white label, they only differ on the names and logo. This alone is a sign that My Cash Method is scam and people should not trust it all. The software is targeting new traders, those who don’t know that there are hundreds of scam apps online. This application is just like other system there is nothing new with their strategy.

If you visit the website you will find the dashboard empty. The only thing an investor can control is the amount of money one can lose on each trade and that’s all. You cannot control the software like real trading software. The main problem with this sort of scam that is considered as major red flag is that they will forward your name to unregulated brokers. Remember that if one transacts with unregulated brokers, you cannot withdraw your money if you need it. You cannot file a complaint to any regulation authority if this happens.

My Cash Method is Scam – Three Evidences

As mentioned earlier in this review, they are working with unregulated brokers meaning none of these brokers holds a valid license. In short, every money one deposit in this app is considered lost. Do not get fooled by this software make sure that you have read our My Cash Method review before you decide. This software looks like a recycled trading scam. If you watch their promo video, you will hear the members mentioning the name of Quick Cash Method instead of My Cash. It only shows that this platform and the other scam site were developed by the same group.

The reasons why we think the app is a scam are numerous. Continue reading this My Cash Method review and find out more about it.

First Evidence – Who is Michael Thompson?

Michael Thompson claims to be as the developer of this scam. According to him he is a successful binary options trader for 6 years. Since he begun trading he never loses and because of this he becomes a millionaire. A big lie. Trading is a winning and losing game thus it is impossible for someone who will not lose a single trade. We try searching for other information about this man but we were not able to find one. They did not mention any company in the promotional video or in their webpage. Thus, trusting this guy is impossible. The alleged Michael Thompson is one of those paid actor hired by scammers.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

The image above shows the testimony of a happy user of this app, but sad to say she is not a real member of such system. She is from Most of scam software hires actors to act in front of a camera and pretend that they are happy with the outcome of using the app. Some think it’s okay but come to think of it if the app is really working why not get the testimonials of the actual users. You too might find it more reliable or legit if the real successful users present the evidences that will prove these members are really earning using the software.

Third Evidence – Fake Seals and Fake slot Remaining

One of their ways to deceive traders to invest on this system is the phony cash incentives. Michael Thompson was very sure that if one uses the app you will not lose a trade, thus he is offering $5000 pay off for anyone who is not happy with the result. Would you actually believe such offer? Definitely not! A complete lie and you should not believe this man at all.

Another way of making the people believed that it’s a reliable application is the fake seals found at the bottom of the website. These seals are not real. They just want to make the website look professional and legit so the scammers added these seals.

My Cash Method Review Conclusion

This thorough review proves that My Cash Method is scam, it is nothing but a fraud. There are lots of fake claims and lies that we can enumerate to prove how bogus this software. The profit they are offering is not possible. Not even the most legit software can achieve this. This review has enumerated the things you need to know and it is up to you whether to trust them or not.

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