MoneyRift is Scam! Investment Company Review

You are reading this review because you want to know whether MoneyRift is scam or not. After thorough review we have found out that Money Rift is a scam and uses the same platform as what other scam software does. applies a Ponzi scheme and we all know that it is an illegal business practice in which the money of the new investor is used to pay the earlier investors.

If one invests in HYIP or High Yield Investment Program the risk of losing your money is high. Experienced investors are aware that they should withdraw their profits from the program before it declares bankruptcy. Before you make further action, we suggest that you read our review first from start to finish. After reading our MoneyRift review it will be much easier for you to decide.

Below is our complete Moneyrift review to help you decide. Before going into details we will first discuss how this app works. This firm is a HYIP scam but Money Rift is not investing your cash at all. is a scam and if one invests on it you will not get back your investment. There are lots of complaints about this system concerning payment and their unresponsive customer support.

Continue reading this Moneyrift review to find out why. The very first thing you need to check if you are interested in particular software is the nature of the company is it paying or not. The best way to do this is by checking the reviews and exploring their website.

MoneyRift is Scam – Three Evidence

Being a client you should know your right. You should know where your money is being invested. Also, you need to see the outcome of their trading and investment so you can check their progress. This is how real investment companies operate. One thing is for sure, is not a legit company. They don’t have any record of their transaction. does not provide any information about what sort of assets they invest on. There is no proof that Money Rift is actually invest into anything. They didn’t mention whether MoneyRift is into binary option trading or working in Forex or Solar energy or Bitcoin. They haven’t mentioned anything about what assets and what sort of trading they use to produce huge profits. This is not normal for legit software. A real investment company will be proud to present you what this company is doing with your cash. When a business claims to have yearly earnings of over a billion dollars but did not provide any information about how they make it, be careful you might get scammed without noticing it.

First Evidence – Who is Jay N Flynn?

As we explore we discovered that Jay N Flynn and her team is fake. Does she looks like Jay N Flynn to you? The truth is that Jay N Flynn is a name created by the scammers behind this app. The website address Jay N Flynn as Mr. but the image behind the details of the General Director is a woman. Actually, the photo was taken somewhere online and other scam systems are also doing it.

As we continue reading the description of the General Director  we find it ridiculous seeing an image of a woman but it was address as Mr. The people behind this scam hired some hack writer to write a description to make the MoneyRift software looks trustworthy. If you search Google about Jay, you will find nothing about him. He or she does not own any business nor there is any proof that he has ever worked on the stock market.

Second Evidence – The Length of Investment Business

Another important thing we discovered about is they purposely lying about how long they have been operating. As you can see in their about us webpage, MoneyRift claims they were officially registered in 2003. But upon checking in MoneyRift was registered only last August 8, 2016.

Obviously, MoneyRift is nothing but scam and they created the website to trick people and steal money from them. To make it look like a real company, they written a lengthy description about the company’s history. One of their claims is they have started investing in 2003. We have mentioned earlier that this firm is not investing on anything at all. And instantly grew worldwide that manages billions of dollars a year and helps big businesses invest.  Also, they claim that in 2010 they launched their online website which is helping 90-100 people invest each day. MoneyRift claim this to trick people and make them believe that they have been in the business for more than 10 years. Money Rift is trying to deceit investors especially those who are just starting out with online industry.

Third Evidence – Partners

To make MoneyRift even more appealing, they offer a referral opportunity. They need to recruit new partners to get cash, and this could be used to pay off the earlier investors, which we doubt if they really want to pay. Money Rift is a Ponzi undercover platform that can survive for a few months because they were able to attract people to deposit.

However, the money is going straight to the scammer’s pockets and a small amount is given to earlier investors to keep them quiet and make them invest more thinking that MoneyRift is a legit business.

MoneyRift Review Conclusion

After completing our review we can say that MoneyRift is scam. We suggest that you stay away from this program and you should not spend a single dollar for this. Money Rift may look professional but if you check deeper into it, you will discover that it is just like other scam online.

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