Monaco Treasure is Scam! Critical Review

This comprehensive Monaco Treasure review will expose the lies and deception found in their website. Allegedly the software was created by Alfred Malone. This review will include information about the software and how it works. This binary trading robot has been released recently in the market founded on the allure of Monaco and is being offered to those with good capital. Based on our initial assessment this app is scam. We have gathered the evidences to prove our claim. As you continue reading this review, you will find out how scam this software is and how dangerous it is to join them.

Initially, we have some hints that Alfred Malone is fraud and we will prove it to you in the later part of our Monaco Treasure review. We also notice other suspicious characters in that raise a red flag about its legitimacy. To tell you frankly, these things about the Secret of Monaco is not real but is created to lure clients.

According to Alfred Malone he worked as an investment banker at Monaco during the time binary options trading are getting popular. This claim is not real and we will show the proofs as you continue reading this review. In connection with the fake developer we regret to inform you also that the team of software engineers that Alfred Malone mentioned does not exist at all. Monaco Treasure is scam you should stay away from it.

Let’s check out what this software is all about and how it works. Monaco Treasure is automated binary software claimed to have artificial intelligence. Based on their presentation, it runs on auto mode and follows trading trends. This means that it will trade according to the sentiment of the traders present on each trading platform. As to what we know this is not the best way to trade. Although, many think in a given way, this does not make it correct. People are wasting their money with this scam application.  The success rate is 94.6%. The offer is quite high and is not possible. No proof was provided that will convince us that this app can actually make your $250 initial deposit into profits.

The offers $850 daily profit at fully automated system. At present it is opening 500 free slots for interested investors. We have told you at the start of this Monaco Treasure review that it is scam, so make sure that you read carefully before you make further action. It is important that you are aware of the signs so you can access on your own which app to trust and which you should stay away from. The purpose of this in-depth review is not only to inform you that MonacoTreasure is scam but also to provide you information on how to detect a scam. You can apply the knowledge you gain in this thorough review in your future quest in finding the legit software.

Monaco Treasure is Scam – Three Evidences

By presenting to you the evidences, you might have changed your mind if you have plans of putting your money on this software. This binary options scam which means instead of earning, you will lose all your money invested on it. According to the alleged developer of monacotreasure.doc he will reveal the secret of rich people in Monaco. He said it’s an artificial intelligence trading program that can allegedly generate thousands of money. And he is also letting you use this app for free. We will prove these are all lies.

First Evidence – Who is Alfred Malone?

Let’s start with the developer itself, Alfred Malone. Upon checking the character is not real. He is an actor paid to act in front of a camera and pretend he develops that program and knows everything about it. The person does not exist at all. No record of him whatsoever that will prove his existence. Scammers created him to make legit and real. Unfortunately for them they cannot fool everybody. To support our claim we have search for his image online and we found that they had taken his image on a stock photo. There is no Alfred Malone and is a clear proof of scam application.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

This dirty tactic is common to most scam software spends money on hiring actors to promote their program. These actors were paid to pretend to have used the system and become successful. The truth is that none of them have tried the program. Take a look at the image above and you will see that these actors are from and are being paid for $5 to make a fake testimonial in front of a camera. Legit software would not pay any one to prove that their system is really working. The company is more than happy to present all those who become successful by using their platform. Clearly it is a sign of a scam program.

Third Evidence – Fake Limited Slots

To force people to sign up right away and join the program, offers the first 500 new spots for free. After completing the spots those who want to join will pay $10,000 monthly. This is absolutely crazy. Who would pay such amount in system that has not proven anything? Limiting available is an old tactic to scam people. The people behind this app try to rush traders in completing the registration fast and make a deposit before realizing that they are being scammed. This is another red flag which traders should not ignore to save their hard-earned money.

Monaco Treasure Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that Monaco Treasure is scam, this program is nothing but a fraud and people should not trust them at all. The fake owners, fake testimonials and fake limited slots are clear signs that is not just a scam site but a money stealing software. Keep in mind never trust someone that offers unrealistic profit.

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