Million BTC is Scam! Cryptocurrency Scheme Review

If you have plans of investing your money into the Million BTC high yield investment program, then this review is for you. If you are into investing online for quite some time, you probably know by now that it is not wise to invest on company that applies HYIP. These companies are referred to as scam and you should not invest on it. There are few that were able to survive the market longer but most of them only runs for a year or less.

We are writing this review to warn people that Million BTC is scam company. Do not invest a single penny and make sure that you read our in-depth review about this scam. We have received some complaints about and we don’t want you to get victimized. Our review will cover everything from how the system works, to evidences that will prove this app is nothing but a scam. You should read this review before taking further action. At this early stage of our review, we are confirming that this is a scam, so stay away from MillionBTC.

We believe that Million BTC is scam because it was designed to steal the investors’ money and probably endanger your financial information as well as your personal identity. Don’t let yourself becomes a victim of this proven fraud. If you already fallen into their trap and have lost a lot of money, it’s not too late to share this review to your relatives and friends so they will get protected. The best way to defeat this scam is to make sure they don’t get any clients. To do this you can share this review so people will enlighten themselves about this app. If they don’t get new clients their funds will dries up and they will eventually close down their website. Our primary goal is to get rid of scam companies on the internet.

Million BTC is Scam – Three Evidences

As we continue with our Million BTC review, we tried to check their about us page to know more about them. According to them they are an experienced team of dedicated developers, analysts and traders that are engaged in crypto trading and is registered in the UK.

MillionBTC platform promises great profits in exchange for small amount. The return of investment is paid every day and profits are produced each day. They forgot to mention that the trading industry is only open during week days, which only means that they could make money each day. They did not mention about this important matter anywhere in their website. This only shows that they lack knowledge about the cryptocurrency trading, which makes us wonder if this company is legit or not. website claims that the team are trading experts, but how come they forgot to mention that trading is a losing and winning process and not always gaining. Aside from this concern there are lots of other suspicious thing in the website that we would like to mention in this review. This will clearly show that this platform is a scam and traders should not trust them at all.

At present their members belong to various scientific disciplines, but are all into cryptocurrencies. Their main role is to provide each individual who are into trading the chance to attend the bitcoin associated business and earn easily using their system. Sound impressive but don’t get too excited, continue reading this Million BTC review so you will know why one should not believe them.

First Evidence – Unknown Developers

In their about us page they mentioned that they are an experienced team of developers, analysts and traders. If this is true, then why they were not able to give any name of developers. This information is a must in any investment site so people will trust them. The is using an anonymous service, thus we were not able to identify the site owner. They are doing this so that the owner will not receive spam, but most of the time they are doing this to ensure that nobody knows who owns and operates it.

Maybe because the scammers behind Million BTC is also connected to other scam websites and does not want to be known. A piece of advice never trust a financial service that does not divulge the name of the owner. Only scammers hide their real identity.

Second Evidence – Fake Office Address

The office address of Million BTC is fake. The address provided on their website is a residential home address that is owned by someone not connected to this business. For privacy reason, we are not allowed to divulge the name of its real owner but you can search for it.

A company that provides fake address is a scam. It only means that they do not want you to know their real location. Yes, they have registration number but the UK is not as strict as compared to other countries when giving license to businesses.

Third Evidence – The Site is Not Secured

The company claims to be an expert in cryptocurrency traders but was not able to provide any proof of their success. Considering that the Million BTC scammers are claiming massive profits but they provide nothing. A legit investment service will show proofs of their trades from the previous year, including both the wins and losses. Any websites that does not provide proof of their trading is questionable. Also, investing in is unsafe. Their URL is for sale this only means that anyone could purchase it and get full access to the information you have provided them. and thus, you should not trust them.

Million BTC Review Conclusion

This thorough Million BTC review confirms our claim that this service is a scam. The evidences are discussed to you in this review. If you still want to give this company a chance make sure that you are prepared to lose everything that you will invest on it. is not paying and no one we know had been successful at requesting a withdrawal.

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