Mavwealth is Scam! Warning Review

This in-depth Mavwealth review will prove that this system is a scam. From the owner to its platform and to user’s testimonies, all of them are lies and fabricated and we are here to expose and bare it to you. Mavwealth is scam, we are very sure about it and we will show you evidences and reveal the truth behind this platform.

But before we go even further let us first tell you what Mavwealth is and how it works. This scheme claims to be the only E-currency reverse auction site. They follow an MLM business structure and according to them, are passionate team of professionals from both technological and financial domain. They are aware that currency transaction can be taken to a higher height and better convenience to all. Their main objective is to support your financial goals. And they are doing it on a process known as Reverse auction, a whole new method of auctioning where the lowest bidder wins, rather than the other way around that we know.

The method of earning money in is simple and straightforward. There are several ways of earning money. The first one is known as Bidding. Through Bidding one can place a bid and if your bid appears to be the lowest without having another person bidding the same amount as yours. It also called Unique Bidding. Next is the Referral Commission, where one can profit by directly referring someone to the company and the person purchase any of the 3 packages being offered? The amount you get to earn will depend on the package you buy and the package your referral chooses. Normally, it ranges from 5% to 15%. The Binary Commission is calculated every day and it is from the individuals below your tree. The Company encourages you to refer to others to the platform and the referrals are then set in two legs, left and right. The Binary commission is calculated using the weaker leg. Another way of earning is via Daily Cashback. This is calculated based on your present package. Mavwealth says you get commission every day as cashback provided you put at least one bid a day.

Mavwealth is Scam – Three Evidences

As mentioned in this review, Mavwealth uses Reverse Auction. If in regular auction, the highest bidder wins, in the lowest bidder will win the item. It is the complete opposite of the typical auction. The Reverse auction is usually used to negotiate a business contract between several possible buyers and the contractor offering the service. It is not used when selling using a payment processor.

We have found out during our Mavwealth review that once you become a member, you are required to load money in your bidding account.

First Evidence – Fake Testimonies

As we continue with our Mavwealth review and investigation we saw individuals claiming to have earned a lot with Mavwealth. We checked the identity of these individuals and we discovered that they are all paid actors who make fake reviews. They are actors from Fiverr, a website where you can choose the person you want to act for your purpose. For instance, the woman in the photo who claims to earned a lot thru Mavwealth. Check out her acting profile in Fiverr. As we go even further with our in-depth Mavwealth review we found out there are no records of any individual producing real money with this scam company. The business model of is a scam one which cannot possibly work. Also, where does the payment processor cash come from?

Second Evidence – No One Gets Paid by Winning Auctions

Based on our review the biggest problem with scam Mavwealth is that they provide no explanation of where the payment processor money they offer for auction originates. This is actually a big loop hole and a serious blunder.  It is impossible for payment processor to sold as little as one or two dollars. But there are still lots of people who have fallen to this trap and invested their money with thi scam. We found out in our thorough Mavwealth review that the only real money here is if you use the referral link to trick others to invest under your tree. If someone you know invite you or encourage you to invest on this, its because they will get something if you sign up under their referral link. We haven’t found any one who earns through winning auctions. Do not trust anyone who tries to convince you that this app is legit.

Third Evidence – Fake Earnings

We have found out during our Mavwealth review that once you become a member, you are required to load money in your bidding account. You can start with $50, which is the lowest amount. After you have loaded this money, you can place bids in reverse auctions. Some examples include $3000 on Skrill with a bid amount from $0.50 up to $500 on Paypal with a bid amount of $1.50.  Actually, the current auctions are of big amount of money in different processors being offered for incredibly low price. Sounds too good to be true right, the fact that scam Mavwealth want us to think that Skrill, Payeer or Paypal is giving away free cash for the price of pennies is not just strange, this is insane.

Mavwealth is Scam – Conclusion

Our comprehensive review reveals that Mavwealth is scam. The fact that they haven’t mentioned who is the developer or owner of this program is one indication that Mavwealth is a scam. The earnings that involve money processors are likewise impossible and are hard to believe. What is even worst is that they use fake testimonials just to attract and trick investors to invest.

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