The Market Filter is Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

This comprehensive Market Filter review will reveal all the lies hidden in their website. The software was allegedly created by Martin Foster. This unreliable and deceiving scam was able to penetrate the industry for quite a while, and because of this they succeeded in fooling and defrauding traders who only wants to earn in binary options trading online.

We will present to you the evidence needed to prove that Market Filter is scam. A piece of advice, if you receive a spam email informing you about this software makes sure not to click on any links and unsubscribe right away. There are lots of complaints about viruses and spyware infecting PC and mobile devices, so be cautious and attentive.

Also, we have found out during our review that they work together with unregistered brokers to steal money from traders. If you think this system is legit or real then you are mistaken. Take time to read our in-depth Market Filter review so you will get protected against these scammers. Our review will present proofs and evidence in a clear and easy to understand manner so you will not have any doubt when we say that this application is a scam.

This system evaluates the global market trends and then removes all the unpredictable or unfavorable trades keeping only the best, one that can help you earn money. It refines the market data and let process only 2% of the overall trades and it actually does within one-twentieth of a second. It’s because of this why you are required to work for not more than 10 minutes every day. Simply hit the start button, then check it in the evening and you can withdraw your earnings.

Market Filter is Scam – Three Evidences

This application which was launched recently is becoming popular. As a matter of fact, we also decided to check out the system and sad to say Market Filter is not working at all. This is a scam and you should stay away from it. We are concerned with the increasing number of scam software being introduced in the market. Since it means that there will be lots of people who would become a victim and would lose their money for good. If you are looking for an honest review, then this is what you are looking for.

The truth is that this system is a total scam and a complete mockery. It is impossible for the user to win since the system is a scam and set to take losing trades, and your earning are not exempted from incurring tax. This application is filled with lies, fabrications, and half-truths. The promotional video in website is ridiculous, and the narrator Martin Forster is a cheap actor who is hired by scammers who operate behind the scenes. The fake claims are obvious, most of them were exaggerated and there are no evidences that will prove that it is really working.

First Evidence – Fake Owner

Martin Forster claims that he becomes a millionaire by simply using this software. Of course that is not his real name. He is an actor being hired by the scammers behind this app to represent them. His primary role is to narrate good things about Market Filter in front of the camera. You can see him in the promo video. He is known for his odd gestures and awkward expressions. Martin Forster is not a millionaire or CEO of this software. He is from a site where you can hire actors to lie and act in front of the camera. To make sure that we are not mistaken when we say that Martin Forster is a fake owner we checked for his existence and failed. Upon checking there is no millionaire by the name Martin Forster.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

It is hard to believe that the 50 people who got the chance to use the system are silent about this. Anyone who earns a lot from this app cannot hide it longer. The testimonials you will see in website are all fake. In fairness to these scammers, they might have read our Market Filter review and made some improvement in the manner they present the testimonials on their website. When they first launch the app the testifiers have no link to it, but upon checking it again it has now links but still it lead to nowhere. The link is not working. The fraudsters used stock photos as testifiers. You can search the images of these testifiers on Google.

Third Evidence – Misleading Information

All the things you see, read and heard in their promo video in are all fabricated. We have checked the at and discovered that it is registered in 2017. So, how come Robert Young was able to bank 164,000 using the software which does not exist? Does this sound legit to you? Definitely not! About the endorsements, the things are not looking good. The market is being warned about this software. We always check the social media and read the feedback. Through this we can confirm that we discovered lots of negative content within the website.

Market Filter is Scam – Conclusion

This review proves that Market Filter is scam. Just like other scam application it has fake owner, fake testimonials and full of misleading information. Also, the amount of profit it offers is impossible to achieve. They have tried their best to make it look as legit as possible but still they were not able to convince us that they are. The indications of being a scam is obvious and there is nothing we can do but to warn our readers about it.

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