Lensen Group is Scam! Warning Review

This is a complete Lensen Group review that will reveal important facts about this scam. You are reading our review because you want to know more about LensenGroup. The first thing you need to know about this group is that it is HYIP and they are not paying their investors. If you are one of those who have been fooled by this company, you can share your story to us to warn others about this scam.

Lensen Group is scam and is not regulated and does not comply with any financial guidelines. Definitely, your fund is not safe with them, and it is very risky if one gives his financial information to them. The association describes their website as an investment firm that provides loans to new IT companies. These organizations are being charged with high amount of interest and get the profits. If one puts your money with them, the firm will use the deposit to paid out their loans and put up new companies.

The claim that if someone signs up and give them your money, they will give you the interest they get from the companies. It looks quite reasonable. If you give them your money, they will divide all the investment and give it to rising IT companies. Once those businesses pay up their loan, one will be given some of the interest. In a way, you become the lender like a bank. Also, you will then earn the rewards as an investor. Now that you know how this business works, let us now examine the legitimacy and the nature of their business to determine if the lensengroup.com is legit or not. After thorough investigation about the firm we believe that this business is a scam and people should not invest on it at all.

Lensen Group is Scam – Three Evidences

Lensengroup.com is not a real investment website. There are hundreds of fake websites online and the people behind this scam are trying to hide the truth. The number of websites that continue to increase your profit is doubling each month. This is a worldwide problem with fake investment websites particularly targeting people from nations that are not protected by the government and safety nets. What LensenGroup is offering looks legit but in reality it’s not.

As you continue reading our Lensen Group review we will present to you the evidences and proofs why we consider it as fraud.

First Evidence – No Proof to Support their Claims

There is no proof that will support their claim. If one tries to contact the customer support and asked them if they can provide proof about the company’s claim, they will simply reply that the information was private and they could not give it out. When asked what will happen with these IT companies if they couldn’t pay their loans back. They claimed that all of the startups they let the companies borrow were under a contract, so they need to pay it back by law. If someone will ask them if the contracts between borrowers and investment groups were available publicly, the Lensen Group firm will refuse to answer. It looks like we are dealing with a dishonet company that does not want to divulge the truth about what companies they are giving to. This makes us suspect that they are not giving money at all.

Second Evidence – Fake Investment Plans

As we continue with our Lensen Group review and showing the evidences we will present to you the 3 different investment plans. All of them falls under high yield investment programs. It only means that this company is either a 100% scam firm or it will not be able to pay all the withdrawals. This business is considered as a scam because they offer return of investment that is magnified far above what a normal rate of growth would be.

This is done to encourage as many people as possible. After getting enough people to deposit their money, they can close the website and bring with them the profits. There are instances they do pay out. Some HYIP company can pay small withdrawals. But after their first withdrawal they might not be able to get another one.

The plans presented in lensengroup.com are not at all real. These are their way of tricking people and encouraging them to invest on the program. There is no truth whatsoever on the programs and no investor can prove that they are earning.

Third Evidence – Not Paying

This is the most important part of the business, whether a company is paying or not. Now the question, does the business really pay their investors. Lensen Group may pay small withdrawals to their new investors, and they will hold larger amounts from older investors. A referral commission is given to those who refer a customer to them and can use free advertising agents to promote their website. Complaints about them not paying the withdrawals are increasing. If you are lucky enough you will be able to get your money but sometimes there is nothing you can do but to say goodbye to your investment.

Lensen Group Review Conclusion

So, what would you do if one receives an email from this company? You can either ignore them or unsubscribe. Through this review we were able to discover that Lensen Group is scam and people should stay away from it. The company does not pay at all. Some may receive a few amounts in the beginning but in the end you will lose everything you have invested.

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