Kuailian Review – Find Out Why It’s a Scam

Kuailian is a new app that was registered privately in June 2019 and was launched in March 2020. This review will determine whether the site is a scam or legit. Although it is relatively new, there is some evidence that will prove this app is a scam. 

So, before investing your money in Kuailian, it is best to read this review first. They may offer you a higher ROI. The question is, will you able to withdraw your earnings? This is an MLM company that gives commission if you can recruit more people to join. In short, this app is using the Ponzi scheme, which is not legal. 

Continue reading this review and find out how this fraudulent software works. 

What is Kuailian?

Based on what was written on their website, Kuailian is a digital ecosystem of decentralized apps and software. It is an MLM company that offers excellent opportunities for investors using cryptocurrency. The company is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and with branches in Southeast Asia. We will know later if the address is existing or not. 

According to them, they are not a company. Kuailian is a system not operated by humans but by AI that monitors transactions and handles the funds. Their primary vision is to implement a global platform that facilitates financial and personal growth.

How does it work?

Kuailian sets up Masternodos using the investor’s money. Each Masternodos produces a daily profit that is distributed to the investors. You are paid daily. The financial product this software offers is referred to as the Smart Pool. You are required to create a crypto wallet to store your Ethereum. 

The currency is second to Bitcoin as the most widely used cryptocurrency. Once you have created the wallet, you can proceed to buy KUAIS. The KUAIS is the contract in Kuailian. It cost around $100, and the duration is 1000 days.

Why Kuailian is a scam?

There are lots of reasons why we consider Kuailian a scam. In this review, we have listed three evidence that will support our claim. If you search apps that uses MLM scheme, you will notice that most of them are fraud. But many of them were able to attract more members particularly those with less knowledge about Ponzi scheme. Here are some proofs that will prove this software is a scam.

Fake masternodos

As a member of Kuailian, you have access to their monthly report that includes the information about masternodos implemented by the Smart pool. We analyzed the report and found out that all the nodes that this app claims to run are fake. 

According to them, their smart pool allocated 11.76% to their investors’ capital to implement CryptoVerificationCoin’s (CVCC) masternodos. The fact that CVCC is only listed on one Exchange it is quite alarming. 

At present, Kuailian claims to have 115 masternodos equivalent to $2,695,321. How were they able to accumulate such masternodos if there is no demand? The claim is fabricated to attract more investors. 

False statement on paying profit

Kuailian statement that they are paying profit through the benefits of CVCC masternodos is not true. Why we say so, it’s because there is no significant movement in the order book for the past months. It is impossible for them to sell more than $5890 of masternodos at present considering the current situation. This only proves that what they claim to have is not real and impossible for them to get considering that they are new in the market. 

Ponzi scheme

Since Kuailian is an MLM company, they profit from collecting money and investing in mutual benefit. If this is the case, then the earnings of previous participants are funded from the new people recruitment.


This is definitely a Ponzi Scheme. If used in MLM, it is a pyramid scheme. If they can show proof of where the investment funds and returns are coming from, we might change our minds and consider them a reliable platform.


Since the lack transparency and proof, we considered that there’s not doubt, Kuailian is a scam. If you cannot find any comments or reviews that can prove this app’s legitimacy, do not invest your money in it. If it is okay for you to lose some money, then you can try using their platform. A pyramid scheme is not profitable at all. Many have lost their money investing in fraud companies don’t get victimized. 

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Is it safe to invest in Kuailian or is a scam?

At this time, it is not safe to invest in Kuailian. The lack of proof of payment to their members makes us believe that it is a scam. Besides the company is not regulated so you should stay away from it.

Is the company listed on BBB?

No, it is not listed on BBB. A legitimate and reliable app makes sure to get listed on BBB to use it in marketing their products. 

What is the minimum amount to deposit to join Kuailian?

The minimum amount required to deposit to become an affiliate member is $50.95. According to them, the commissions and fees are paid out in the Ethereum coin. 

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