Knievel Money is a Scam! Warning Review

This comprehensive Knievel Money review will reveal the lies that will prove that this binary options scheme is a scam. The platform is presented by Jason Evans via their promo video at According to Jason Evans, this software can help you generate more than one thousand dollars a day. You can get the software for free. Sound impressive but not true.

We are here to prove to you that Knievel Money is scam you should not trust it at all. If you want to know if this yet another scam continue reading this review and one will find out how dangerous this app is. But before we discuss the reasons why we considered it as scam let’s talk about first how the system works according to Jason Evans.

Not all make money online systems are legit. Although trading binary options is one of them, we would like to give you a better explanation of how things are done before you decide to join them. Based on promo video, this system is free binary options software that will help you earn $1,445 to $2,690 per day, that is s$13, 491 every week, and $513, 809 a year.  Quite a huge amount of earnings, but is this possible. Interested on knowing how simple it is to use this app in more trading profits? All you need to do is to activate the program, and pick the trading amount, and sit back and savor the double-digit profits that may accumulate in your account on auto mode.

Knievel Money is Scam – Three Evidences

Knievel Money is the latest free binary options trading program. This platform claims that their application can boost every day profits by $1200 within 10 minutes. This review will give you an idea how the platform works and how it tries to trick people to encourage them to sign up. The evidences below prove how scam this system is.

The promo video at starts off by narrating how the Jason Evans made hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months after he launched the website. One will see the banner that claims that it can help you earn $1227 in just ten minutes. If this is how easy to earn money online, then many people would have become a millionaire. It is because of this why we think this app is a scam. The video at was hosted from a free YouTube channel. If this is a legit trading website that produces millions of dollars, then they could have at least created a professional video from hosting service.

First Evidence – Jason Evans a Myth

Jason Evans is supposed to be the developer of this system. However, upon checking we found out that this man seems to be a myth. Our research shows that his man does not exist at all. There was no sign of him not even in the social media websites or in any search engine. We believe that it is an important indication that the software is a scam. The application is online, then there should be something online that will direct to the identity of Jason Evans. Would you trust a website with an imaginary developer or owner, definitely not.

Second Evidence – Fake Countdown Timer

If a trader explores website, a trader will notice the countdown timer that count down from 30 minutes. The timer supposed to be the time left you have before the site closes down. So if one will not act fast you will not be able to get a chance to sign up with Knievel Money. Most scam  websites have this countdown timer to force people to register without even thinking or doing some research. But the timer will not lock out at all. If it reaches 0 it will start at 30 again. So if a person falls from their trap and sign up and deposit the minimum amount, you will not be able to get your money back.

Third Evidence – Bank Details are not Secured

Before you can start using Knievel Money, you will be asked to deposit the minimum amount before you can start using the app. To deposit you need to provide your bank details, however there is no statement that your details are secured. The also has no information on the security layers or antivirus they are using. If you continue signing up with them even if you are aware of their lack of security be prepare to receive a huge bill from your credit card company. They would probably say that they are doing it to finance your trading, but there is no profit due to wrong trade.

Knievel Money Review Conclusion

This review has exposed the indications that Knievel Money is a scam. The fictitious character of the owner, lack of security and fake countdown timer are only some of the indications that this is a scam. Many scam applications also uses this sort of scheming technique to trick people and encourage them to join. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from these scam is to check the application first before signing up. Keep in mind that legit software has reliable site, searchable owner and has security protection that keep your identity protected.

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