Jobs and Investment

If you are in search for the fastest way to earn money, be wary – scammers have designed all types of fake generating money opportunities to attract people and take advantage of your enthusiasm and get hold as much money as they can. Below are types of jobs and investment scams:

Understanding Jobs and Investment Scams

Betting and Sports Investment Schemes

This type of scam will try to convince, entice and encourage you to put your money in foolproof systems and software that can assure you a good profit on sporting events. It is a form of a gambling camouflaged as legal investments. The majority of the programs or schemes do not provide the service and the buyers cannot get their money back. Most of the time, the supplier just disappears.

Computer Prediction Software offers software program that promises to predict sporting results accurately, like horse racing or team sports. They promise high profits or returns as a result of using the program.

Betting Syndicates – the scammer will attempt to convince you to join them in a betting syndicate. You are required to pay a compulsory fee to join the betting account. You are required to deposit some money to keep the account active.

Sports Investment – the cyber criminals target retirees, professionals, business operators or others with money to invest. These scams are promoted as business investments or opportunities at trade fairs, shows or online. Scammers may contact you through letter, email or phone call.

Investment Schemes

You will be encourage and convince to put your money on the promise that you will get access to financial opportunity. Some of the scams under this category are new. The majority of the swindling techniques we encounter these days originated long ago as telemarketing, door-to-door selling techniques.

Pyramid Schemes

These schemes are illegal, unlawful, against the law and dangerous get-rich-quick strategies that can end up losing a lot of money. This type of scheme is very common these days. You might hear them from your friends, neighbors, or family members.

Jobs and Employment

Jobs and employment scams normally trick and mislead you to hand over your money by assuring you to get fast money or a high-paying work for less effort.

Business Opportunities

Be careful and cautious with business opportunity schemes that promise to provide you great income for less effort. Don’t get trapped or deceit by this scheme or product to assure you either get a job or a good amount of income. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts on getting rich – the only people who get rich are the scammers. Cyber criminals place ads in the “business opportunity” or “Employment opportunity” section of the newspaper to entice, convince and encourage the consumers to look for a new job.

Protect yourself against these scams by keeping yourself updated about the latest scam. You can visit our blog and learn more about each type of scams. Don’t get victimized, be alert all the time and report any scam you encounter online.

Have you been Scammed?

Scammers are getting better these days and they are increasing in number, if you are one of their victims or received a scam email you can report them to us at You should inform your family, friends and colleagues to keep them safe. Read our blog SubmitScams and know the latest scams that people report to us and keep yourself protected against them.

If in case you have provided these scammers your passport, bank account details, or other personal information call your bank, financial institution or other agencies right away to inform them.

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Please help us to warn people about internet frauds by reporting them: Submit Scam.


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