Jewels Cash is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

If you have plans of investing your money online, you have to read our comprehensive Jewels Cash review first before giving away your hard earned money on this high yield investment program scam.  This is a scam and we can prove it to you in this in-depth review. The company has been lying in their website.  These past few days there are complaints about the company that they are not paying, but still they accept deposits.  This is very common to many HYIP companies and you need to be very cautious if plan to sign up.

You have to remember that this type of company normally doesn’t last longer in the market. As you continue reading this review you will understand why. Putting your dollars for a quick profit seems like very important to most people, but you will surely regret it. If an interested investor checks out forums and discussions, he will notice lots of complaints each day from individuals who have lost their money. We would like to help you protect your cash and invest it on the right company. So we decided to write a review not just for this provider but to all those that we think you should stay away from.

Jewels Cash is registered in the UK. Based on their website they make and sell handmade jewelry, like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and diamonds. To join them you need to deposit at least $50 and you will get a return on investment of 1 to 2% after 3 days. Moreover, these earnings are taken from their thriving business that will invest your dollars for a profit. Sounds impressive but are all these things true. We will evaluate and investigate and expose everything in this review.

Jewels Cash is Scam – Three Evidence

The developers of Jewels Cash describe the firm as a mid-term HYIP with 4.22% daily profit and were launched only last March 16. JewelsCash offers 9 investment plans for a period of three to forty five days, which varies on amount to deposit and interest rates. Also, it varies on tariff plans. The website was developed professionally that you might think that it is a legit one. According to they make money on financing of manufacturing jewelry and also on diamond market trading. They also make and sell affordable jewelry.

If one visits you might get attracted to it easily that you can fall on their trap. But before you make further action you should finish reading our Jewels Cash review first.

First Evidence – Deceiving Claim

According to them once you join them and deposit the minimum amount, they will put your money into an investment that will help increase your profit. This is not true. You cannot find anything in their website that will prove this claim. They are making this claim to attract more people to join them. Keep in mind that a true jewelry firm will not just have a physical store you can go to and buy from, but they would also have a website where you can buy their product. Also, they should be able to present a verifiable list of partners that they sell their products too. You cannot find this information anywhere in their website. There is no proof that they really manufacture or sell anything.

Second Evidence – Anonymous Owner

A legit company has a real owner, and an owner proud of his business will not hesitate to introduce himself to the people. Actually, most investors check the developer or owner of the firm before they make an investment. Thus any investment firm that refuses to divulge or reveal the true character of its owner is a scam. You should never trust your hard earned money to an investment plan that does not provide you the name and real identity of the developer. As a rule of thumb, never entrust your money to an anonymous firm because they have a nice website.

Third Evidence – Registered for Tax Purposes Only

Yes is a registered organization in the UK. However this registration does not regulate or ensure that Jewels Cash is legit. UK is not strict and they do not check on them to ensure its legitimacy. The registration is done for tax purpose only and it will not prove anything at all. If you invest your money and lose it in this HYIP scam, there is no way to get it back. The government in UK cannot help you at all.

Most of the complaints are about payments. We cannot find anything that will prove they have withdrawn successfully. Even their website does not provide any proof that they do pay. The website and registration of this business was done by skilled scammers who have created lots of scam sites. They will not help you earn, instead they will make you lose everything you have worked for, so be very careful. There are still some legit companies. You just need to find them.

Jewels Cash Review Conclusion

This review proves that Jewels Cash is scam, this business is nothing but a fraud. They do not provide any proof of earnings and refuses to show the real identity of the owner to the public. If you insist on investing on it, you will surely regret it. Choose a firm that has been in the business for a long time and with a proven track record.

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