Investment Dragons is Scam! Warning Review

If you are looking for a reliable Investment Dragons review, this post for you. We have heard a lot about this company and we want to confirm the facts and information that we are getting from members. What we found out during our review might surprise you. We suggest that before you make further action it is best that you read this comprehensive review first. You might have encountered InvestmentDragons online or heard it from a friend.

Maybe you have seen a post with link that offers you free access on their website. You are lucky you have found our Investment Dragons review before you even press the sign-up button. offers a Return of Investment around 1 to 3% every month. Although, it might not look that much, but it is higher as compared to a regular bank can offer.

So, where are they getting the money to pay their investors? Continue reading our review so you will find out. Let’s start this review by checking out their website According to them, the company is a multidimensional investment firm where business minded people can have all they need to have a better life by investing their money and allowing the company’s experts to handle their investment. They assure you that your funds are protected because of their packages that are risk free. We will check this out as we continue with our Investment Dragons review if it is true or not.

Based on what was written on webpage, the company has big capital and is working together with other multinationals that deals with gold. sell shares of top gold mining firms, stocks well-known establishments as well as engaged into speculative trading of major currency pairs which is known to generate great income today.

Investment Dragons is Scam – Three Evidences

For ordinary or new investors, the offer is quite impressive and you might fall for it. But before you sign-up, finish reading our review first and decide. Based on our initial assessment we believe that the company is not paying at all. As we check forums about this sort of company we have encountered several times the name of this firm. People are complaining this business is not paying. Thus, we further investigate and found the following proofs that confirmed our initial investigation that this is a scam. is offering 5 investment plans. The beginner level is known as Plan 1 and your initial deposit should be between $20 and $500. It promises 1.2% daily returns, which other companies as well as banks cannot provide to their clients. This income is calculated for the period of 25 days then the investor can withdraw their money. Plan 2 has a minimum investment of $501 and up to $3000 with a daily profit of 1.5% for 35 days. The profits are calculated daily but you can only withdraw your deposit at the end of the investment period. Plan 3 has a minimum investment of $3001 which can earn 1.8% daily returns for 50 days. In short you can earn $180 each day. The most profitable plans are Plan 4 and 5. With Plan 4 you can earn around 2 and 2.5% ROI daily. While with Plan 5 the investors are credited depending on the agreement obtained with the management of the firm. These plans are very impressive but does Investment dragons can provide such profit.

We investigated the system and the following paragraphs of our Investment Dragons review will reveal the result.

First Evidence – Who Owns the Company

The owner of Investment Dragons was not revealed, not even the names of the team were mentioned. We tried checking the company in whois but the website registration is anonymous, which means that the owners of this firm has no intention of revealing their name. It is the same, would you trust a company online that does not divulge the name of the owner? Just because they have a website the organization is legit, there are more scam companies online as compared in the actual world. It’s because they can easily get away with it online. You cannot pursue them if they do not pay you. We advise you not to trust any website that hides the names of the real owners and their personal information. They are showing how dishonest the firm is and it lacks transparency which is a legit business should possess.

Second Evidence – Unregulated and Unsecured

We have reviewed hundreds of HYIP companies and none of them are either regulated or insured. Actually, that is the most vital information that we are looking for when we review a business. Unfortunately, Investment Dragons is like other high yield investment program scam, are not regulated and thus the government or financial police cannot sue them or stop them from building the firm. This is bad news, because it means that they cannot pay you back if you lose your money. Banks are federally insured, meaning if they get robbed they can get their money back because they are insured. is NOT insured. Even if the establishment is aware of this, they still claim that they are. This confirms what we believe it is a scam.

Third Evidence – No Proof of Profits has a license from Hong Kong which we think is legit. However, it does prove anything. This only means that if you lose your money, you cannot get it back. There is no way you can sue them and you cannot force them to pay. We are sure that Investment Dragons is scam. They did not provide any proof that they are paying their investors. Keep in mind that even scam app does pay in the beginning so investors would trust them but in the end, they will just stop answering your emails, you cannot withdraw your money and they simply close out their firm.

Investment Dragons Review Conclusion

This comprehensive review proves that just like other HYIP companies this is also a scam. You get paid at first but once you have invested all your money they will just disappear along with your money. We are sure after reading our review, you will understand why we considered Investment Dragons is scam.

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