InterTrader is Scam! Critical Software Review

This InterTrader review proves this system is nothing but a scam. The signs are obvious and an expert trader can easily detect whether they are dealing with a scam or legit app. and is not the same. The is a broker company in the UK. It offers both CFDs and Trading Forex. According to them they are internationally oriented and offer the best package. They are focusing not just on the different services, but likewise on some good trading conditions. One of their claims is that they require no minimum deposit and access to an account.

InterTrader Software offers a demo account and mobile commerce and you can trade currency pair at very low spreads. It seems that offers a lot of good services in trading and surely some of you are encouraged to join. But wait, before you go any further we suggest that a trader should read this comprehensive InterTrader review first and decide whether to trust them or not. The demo account and its mobile commerce can stand out with this complete range of other brokers.

This thorough InterTrader review will provide evidences that InterTrader is a scam. The scam website is presented by Sam Harris.

According to Sam Harris through trading using this software he became a millionaire. It has helped him made over 8 million dollars within one year. He added that one can actually make a million of dollars within 6 weeks and the good thing is that it’s for free. Sounds impressive but don’t get fooled easily with this binary options scam. They are making these statements only to encourage people to join them so they can steal your money. Everything you will hear and read in their promo video is all lies.  It is the latest binary options platform created to fool you and steal your money. Their marketing team is sending an invitational email to promote and invite people to test InterTrader.

Before you go even further, we recommend that you read this complete InterTrader review and decide whether to join them or not. After watching the video presentation we are sure this software is developed to scam its members rather than helping them to generate profit.

InterTrader is Scam – Three Evidences

There are some essential points that we need to go through each time we investigate a binary options trading app. Through this review we will go over all the essential details you need to focus on. According to Sam Harris, he discovered the app 10 years ago. He invested a little amount and increases the profit within one and half hour. The truth is InterTrader provides very misleading information without the actual basis in transaction. The fact of stating, around 1500% profits in single trade are not real. If you are new in this trading industry there are things you need to focus on. The evidences below will prove that Inter Trader is nothing but a scam.

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Because we already have an idea that InterTrader is a scam, we want to warn our readers to keep distant and stay away from Inter Trader. This type of investing software is created with one purpose to steal the trader’s money and nothing else. With the use of a lucrative name of the trading market normally opens many opportunities to those fraudsters. But, within this review we will tell you the reasons and evidences why you should stay away from these scammers.

First Evidence – The Fake Sam Harris

The first thing most traders would check out first before signing up is the credibility of the developer. Aside from the mistake in over-blowing the real profit potential, we are frustrated to find out that the supposed to be owner of InterTrader and developer of this scam is completely bogus.

The voice narrator of their promotional video is supposed to be the owner of InterTrader but there is nothing to affirm that he is actually who claims he is. Basically, scam platform uses voice-only actors to read misleading information and read lying details. We tried to verify the so-called millionaire members but we were not able to find one. This is odd, since if this is a legit website then they should be proud of it and should provide evidences. Thus, this guy is a fictitious character he is only a story that is trying to convince you. The photos used in the video to play the role of the developer are stock photos. This only proves that Harris does not exist at all.

Second Evidence – Fake Millionaires

Aside from the fake owner, the millionaires presented in their promo video are all stock photos from random websites. There are no real testimonials or individual sharing real deal results. Sad to say, the testimonials provide in their website are actors from The claim that 100% members became a millionaire is an indication that InterTrader is a scam. It is impossible for any individual to earn 1 million in six weeks using this scam system. A trader will not earn at all using this scam not even $100 because this website is not legit with no real testimonial or actual endorsement.

Third Evidence – You Can Use it For Free – A Lie

The owner of the scam claims that you use InterTrader for free but after you register you will be asked to deposit at least the minimum amount required which is $250 with unlicensed broker assigned to you. So, if InterTrader is for free then why do you have to pay the amount? Upon depositing the said amount your money will be lost. However, these scammers don’t care at all, because they will get your money.

InterTrader Review Conclusion

Definitely, InterTrader is scam and there is nothing you can get from it. This comprehensive review has able to present facts that will help you decide that it will not help you at all in trading. The fake owner and fake millionaires are enough proof that it is scam.

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