Intellix Systems is Scam! Warning Review

Our Intellix Systems review will reveal how dangerous this app is. This application was released a few months ago. This is the newest binary trading bot to be added in the expanding list of scam systems. The problem with development is the truth that there are scammers who are taking advantage of this. This scheme supposed to help traders produce $10,000 a day thru auto pilot. This app makes use of artificial intelligence known as Neuro Trader. Another questionable claim is its accuracy. According to them they have 1005 accuracy which only means they never lose a trade. They also assert that a trader can register to the system for free.

The question is, does IntellixSystems work? Can it actually produce $10,000 for each trader that register. After our initial investigation and review, we have discovered that it does not work at all. What makes us say this? Continue reading our in-depth Intellix Systems review and you will find out why.

This software uses the number to attract binary trading novices into registering with them. Once a trader signs up, he will be asked to deposit the minimum amount needed before you can start trading. Don’t expect that you will get your money back. After you made a deposit, your money will disappear, and without a trace. We have written this Intellix Systems review to warn the readers that they should not trust this application. There is legit trading software that can help you profit but not as high as $10,000. This is definitely a lie.

Intellix Systems is Scam – Three Evidence

This review is written so that you will not get victimized by this scam. You need to look at this scheme at the practical facts instead of looking at it blindly. There are lots of evidences that will prove this bot is a scam and we will present it to you in this review. It is not only their algorithm that is not real. They are also working with unregulated brokers which make this robot a real bad choice. Scam brokers will empty your trading account.

There are lots of evidences that will prove Intellix Systems is scam. The first thing one need to know about this scheme is that it lacks credibility. The robot fails to offer a free demo to users. This thing is quite vital. If the program offers a demo the trader can test and explore it in detail. But this is not the case with this robot. Thus, we are not recommending this bot to traders. The reason is that it lacks the element of transparency. Their claim that it will help you earn $10,000 every day is the primary reason why we consider is scam. Another important thing that one need to check out is their algorithm and its trading approach. Legit software provides information on their algorithm and how it works.

First Evidence – Unknown Developer

The narrator in the promo video introduces himself as Jeff Blumenthal. But they are not revealing the actual developers and the primary reason is that they are scammers. They also have no plans of revealing their images on their website. This only proves, this platform is a scam and people should not trust them. Jeff Blumenthal claims that he is Intellix founder and CEO of this scam. It makes use of a group of online marketers and binary traders professionals to produce the most advanced trading tool.

Second Evidence – No Customer Support

The backbone of a legit application is an excellent customer support. With the absence of live support we cannot consider the platform as legit. This only means that no one can answer the queries of the trader. This is why trader should not sign up for this robot in the first place if he is concerned about his future. Definitely, Intellix Systems will not help you succeed in trading and you need to understand this aspect so one can avoid this scam by all means. Always remember that a reliable website have a reliable customer support. If they do not have such support, don’t trust them at all.

Third Evidence – Fake Date of Launching

According to Jeff Blumenthal his Intellix Systems software has been in the market since 2015 and the members have been earning money without lifting a finger because it works on auto pilot. The promo video in does not provide any information about who founded this program. If the software really helps traders to earn a lot, why the owner remains anonymous? The answer is simple it’s because they are actors being paid by fraudsters to represent them. Jeff Blumenthal photo are taken online and is a fictitious character.

Intellix Systems Review Conclusion

This review proves that Intellix Systems is scam is nothing but a fraud. Its main objective is to steal your money and empty your trading account. Once you make a deposit the scam brokers working with this app will get the money and you will never see it again. They use fake images and claim profits that are impossible to achieve to attract people. These fraudsters are targeting new traders who have no experience in this industry. In our in-depth review, we have no other choice but to consider this platform as scam.

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