Infinity App is Scam! Warning Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive Infinity App review, search no more for you are on the right page.  We make sure that our review will answer all your questions about InfinityApp. The system is also known as The Unlimited System. This application is the latest money generating software that utilizes few lines of code centered on the latest NASA technology with the ability to provide Push Button profits.

If you produce between $15,000 and $50,000 per day for the last 6 years, you don’t have to pay for the 35 new beta testers. The system functions completely on auto mode. Previous trading experience is not a requirement. The offers are quite impressive and encouraging, but are these things possible? So we decided to investigate more and write this review.

Let us first discuss how the application works and what offers. The exact process on how the system works are not clearly explained, it is a clear hint that Infinity App is scam. We will present to you the evidences as we continue with our review. was supposed to be created by ex NASA’s engineer Mark Stevenson. According to him the system is so powerful, that a number of fortune 500 companies are interested on buying his program in 2015. The offer is $20,000,000, but we have discovered that the story is not real. We were able to find ways to determine if they are telling the consumers the truth or not. You will know the truth once you finish reading this review.

Infinity App is Scam – Three Evidences

This software may sound new to some but actually it is the same trading software known as Cash Loophole, they just renamed it. Actually, this system is being promoted by various companies under different names. You probably not aware, everyday new scam trading software is being launched online. There is nothing special about this app, the techniques on attracting people applied on this system are the same with others. We will present to you on the succeeding paragraphs of our Infinity APP review the evidences that will prove how dangerous this scam application is. offers you a $1,500 with a $250 investment. This sounds very impressive but we want to know if they can really provide it, thus we decided further investigation. Based on our experience as well as others that we know most of the scam software promises big profits but all of them take all of your investments. Growing your $250 into an impossible amount within 24 hours is impossible and not realistic. Even for an expert trader, it will not be that easy. Just like other scams the InfinityApp tries to entice people with their false promises and with one goal in mind to steal your money.

Before you make a decision, continue reading our Infinity App review to find out more about this scam system and how they try to fool the people.

First Evidence – Fake Developer

Mark Stevenson the alleged owner and developer of this scam app. According to him he is an ex NASA engineer. To confirm his claims we conduct a thorough investigation and we were able to find out that he is only associated to and nothing else. Isn’t it quite suspicious? Mark Stevenson is only 31 years old and a multimillionaire but he is unknown to many not even in the trading world. He also mentioned that is the CEO of Infinity App Enterprises but upon checking in Divisions of Corporations we have found out that the company does not exist at all. It only proves that Mark Stevenson is fake as well as his company.

Second Evidence – Operational Since 2015

According to them the application is so powerful. In 2015, that some fortune 500 companies are interested on buying his program for $20,000,000. How can this be possible? Upon checking we have found out that this company does not exist within the year mentioned. We checked it at and found out that it was registered only last March 14, 2017. Would you believe someone who is lying about their year of existence just to make their application looks successsful? Definitely, not. This is not surprisingly at all as most scam companies are doing this to make their website looks legit and successful so InfinityApp can attract more people.

Third Evidence – Fabricated Results

As we continue with our investigation we discovered that aside from, they also have another website known as  In this website, we found another video presentation. The creator and the CEO is not Mark Stevenson but Michael Crawford. But, the members are the same. This is a clear sign that this application is a scam. On the main video they presented to uss the evidence that will prove how profitable the program is. But upon checking the results we found something strange about it. How can trades done on January 2017 expires on May 2016? It is impossible to open trade from the present and expire in the past. A clear indication that you are dealing with a scam program.

Infinity App Review Conclusion

This complete review only proves that this system is nothing but a scam. They have done everything to make their platform looks legit but in the end it turns out to be not. The fake owner, fake trading results and lying about on some important dates are clear indication that Infinity App is scam and they are just trying to fool people so they can steal the money invested on their system. Before putting your money into binary options trading make sure that you are dealing only with legit company.

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