Indicator Pro is Scam! Trading Software Review

What is Indicator Pro? Over the last couple of years we have seen an increased in the amount of scams that have come to life. Especially during this last year, there are incredible ways of stealing your hard earned money, and bad people are taking advantage of this!

There is, however, something in common that all scams share, and that is that the people behind them always offer you great amounts of money in earnings, they are always hidden. They do not tell you their real names, and usually, you are not able to contact them if anything happens. So if they steal your money you will not be able to do anything about it, as who are you going to tell? This is why we urge you to be extremely careful and cautious when it comes to investing money online.

Now in our Indicator Pro review we are going to explain you everything you need to know about IndicatorPro, and whether it is a fake website offering you unrealistic earnings that will surely bring a headache to you!

What is IndicatorPro?

Indicator Pro is an interesting case to be reviewed. They claim that their traders can profit from the recent ‘’data scandal’’ that Facebook suffered a couple of months ago. According to the people behind Indicator Pro, Facebook’s stocks plummeted quite drastically, thus making Facebook’s stocks the cheapest and most affordable ones in years.

What does IndicatorPro do then? well , they are going to tell you, or better yet, advise you when to buy or sell your Facebook stocks in order for you to make up to $1500 per day.

But, we also wonder if you are  really able to make this amount of money into t or if it’s only a scam to be aware of. Continue reading our Indicator Pro review to find out.

Indicator Pro is Scam?

First Proof – Reviews

Usually, when it comes to scams, we know that what the websites are offering, whether it is trading applications, or softwares, are either fake or a copy from another scam…which ultimately makes it fake as well. With Indicator Pro you will not even find fake reviews, as they do not have reviews at all! Do a quick online search and you will soon discover that the people behind this scam have kept everything to themselves, even fake reviews that  could possibly make others think about whether this is or isn’t a scam!

To be honest, we are not too sure whether this is a good thing or not. The fact that they are not showing reviews could possibly mean that less people will sign up to their Ponzi scheme.

Second Proof – Video promotional

The video that IndicatorPro has on their website, yes, the only video they have to be fair, is completely fake. In fact, they even say so in their disclaimer text. They do not textually say ‘’this is a fake video’’  but they do say ‘’this video has got nothing to do with reality’’. So they are trying to sell you something that is fake and they have already told you about this. Why would you trust in them in the first place if they are already telling you that they are offering fake things? It would be crazy to invest your money in them because Indicator Pro is scam!

The only purpose of this video is for you to sign up to Indicator Pro and open a trading account that will lead you, in turn, to an offshore scam broker that has been carefully selected to work with you. We say to work with you, but in reality we mean to steal from you. They will first convince you and then make you deposit your money in one of their accounts and voila! They are ready to go and enjoy your hard earned money.

Third Proof – Jack Lewis

Apparently there is a man named Jack Lewis, and he is the face behind this website. Well, we say he is the face, what we truly mean is that he is the faceless person behind this scam, as he doesn’t appear anywhere. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why if he says he is the one behind this ‘’innovative website’’ he is hiding away from you? Furthermore, Jack Lewis is such a common name that it could be anyone!

In fact, are we even sure that Jack Lewis is his real name? How do we know for real? If all of their website seems fake, his name may well be fake too! Stay away from them, we have warned you in this Indicator Pro review!

Fourth Proof – Profits

Whatever website that offers you to make $1,500 each day, is surely fake. What’s more, whatever website that offers you to make such an impressive amount of money each day, for free, is very much likely to be fake. You must keep in mind though, that you could be earning this amount of money from a genuine investment website, and you will still need to make a deposit or something similar to this.

Why would Jack Lewis be giving away his secret to make $1,500 each day for free? Do you seriously think he is a lovely person and he simply wants you to become a millionaire by the end of the year? It doesn’t work like this in real life…he simply wants to steal your money from you, that is the case behind this website.

Indicator Pro Review Conclusion

Indicator Pro is scam that is set to make you lose money! You have been warned, stay away from it!

Furthermore, IndicatorPro is a fairly new company, in fact, it has been operating since less than a year (while some argue it has been operating in less than 6 months). Do you really think a website that is this new will make you earn more than $10,000 in a month? If you answered no, then that is correct. IndicatorPro is just another scam that is running wild for your money.

Please, again, we urge you to be careful with giving away your bank account details or any other pertinent information you have that could make them access to your money. These are very dangerous people and they should be treated as such.

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To date, we have settled more than 3,000 trading disputes and we won’t stop until the point that we set each and every scam out of the trading industry.

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