IC Market is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This IC Market review will enlighten you and open your eyes in the reality of auto trading system using the software. This system is also known as ICMA the newest software in the auto trading industry. This high-yield app lets the traders to generate and spawn 100% win rate in a day or more. This could be true, but we believe that they are just trying to build a strong foundation before stealing the investor’s money and empty the bank account.

Although, this high-yield is risky, investors can still put their money on it but they are advised to be very careful, cautious, and vigilant. This will help increase and boost their income. With its increasing growth in popularity and the algorithm or black box trading lots of situations, instances and occasions of forex scams that is being offered by companies claiming to provide signal services. Before deciding and investing into the system it is best that you read our IC Market review first.

Originally, IC Market software is the same with hedge funds. A team of traders is handling the capitals of investors who joined the program. At the end, they should all get interest and profit on their investment. That is the simplest and easy to understand explanation of what sort of program we are focusing at.

This app offers its users a selection of three live account types, with two different platforms that you can choose and select from. The commission-free one known as the Standard account while the True ECN offers stiffer spreads, but with 7% a commission.

The micro lots are offered on all types of account and, the brokers offer free Demo accounts, which most new traders truly appreciated. The scheme also offers swap-free service to users of Islamic belief, who can open Sharia-compliant accounts.

IC Market is Scam – Three Evidence

This IC Market review will thoroughly and comprehensively explain to you how the scheme works. The International Capital Market is a multi-faceted broker expert in futures, forex, CFD and other services. The app is established in 2007 and has spending their first 5 years to achieve an impressive, striking and remarkable reputation among investors. The app focused on new trading signal indicators as well as in iPhone integration. The primary goal of this HYIP is to bring the trading services to a more retail market. They are offering and providing their service to old and new traders.

Official Website | Icmarket.biz

Opening an account is easy with IC Market. The website offers PDF’s explaining the terms and conditions on how to use the system. In their icmarket.biz website users can open an account by completing a web form. IC Market software also offers unlimited demo accounts.

First Evidence – Unrealistic Return Rates

The first thing you would check out in an auto trading website is the profit the scheme is offering. Although, this HYIP offers one of the best incomes, earnings and profits, all their claims are impossible, unreal, unfeasible, impractical, unworkable and incredible. Another vital factor to check out are the various factors being offered by the app. IC Market app offer plans that are extremely unbelievable and unreal. Some offers included are Standard plan 600% return within the day. After 2 days the Premium returns are 6000% and the Professional with 60,000% return after three days.

All of the above plans mentioned are impossible, unbearable, unfeasible, and unattainable even the 600%. This claim is hard to believe that makes us even convinced, persuaded, and influenced that IC Market is scam. No other forex trading can provide such return. It is not viable, impossible, ridiculous and hard to understand how a trader can make $10000 into $600,000 for just three days, this is absolutely absurd, ridiculous, irrational and pointless. The history is aware of this profit but it may take a decade for this to happen and not on a daily basis. The icmarket.biz claims having 40K members and have invested around $15 million dollars. The program is providing misleading, deceiving, tricky, and confusing information and unbearable facts. If you get deeper and evaluate the system, compare the deposits and the withdrawals as well as return rates all of these looks suspicious. Thus, $15 million deposits plus 600% is around $17 million.

The legit interest bank rate is 2% per month, if you are lucky enough to get a good deal. And that is only estimation, because of many factors involved, which can impact and affect the deal you are getting. This statement is impossible and unfeasible to collect $900 on trading for one day with $300 as your investment in this high-yield investment program. This is impractical, not viable, idealistic and unlikely to happen. And it’s impossible for a company to offer such deal. It is impossible even for professional traders to make 300% profits in a single day. Furthermore, this is one of average plans of the scheme, if you visit their website you might even encounter 1250% which absolutely out of reach. Therefore, traders should stay away from this too good to be true IC Market software that is nothing but scam software.

Second Evidence –Misleading and Lack of Support to Back-Up their Claims

According to the company there are some traders that use Forex trading to produce profits for their clients. The scheme was not able to provide proof about those traders and companies who succeed using Forex to trade. It looks like there are no trading experts and everything is a lie.

Based on the information bared, uncovered, revealed and shown on icmarket.biz the organization is trading with Forex and crypto-currency trading. There are some problems with those claims. Furthermore, there are statements how all the trading are performed and carried out by professional traders.

No names were given and no actual traders on the website. The software was not able to provide clear, comprehensive and up to date information concerning the experts involved is a sign of a scam system. 7.6 million dollars as turn over each day, is a misleading, hoax and fake info that will not make you profitable. No history of trading done by the experts. Also, if the scheme is legit they will have 3rd party verified results. This is another element of a scam system.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developers and the Testimonies Video are not Working

The developers are unknown, no images of traders to prove they are generating a good amount of money, the video of the testimonies are not working at all and there is no images whatsoever of individuals who have earned a good amount of money by using the IC Market Software. All these factors mentioned and stated are signs that IC Market is scam. The images in the supposed to be video giving testimonies are fictitious and fictional characters so do not believe every word they say. These are amateur actors from a website known as fiverr.com. Through that website you will be able to hire all types of skilled people you need for a specific job.

If one is interested on investing in this app, you can do this in various ways like credit card, bank wire, Webmoney and Skrill. The account and your deposit should bear the same name or else you will not be able to withdraw. The International transfers normally take around two to five business days and the fee is around $20 AUD. Other supported methods are credit card, Skrill, and Webmoney. It is likewise worth pointing out that the broker does try to provide you with all the needed details when possible.

IC Market Review Conclusion

This review proves that IC Market is scam, this software is nothing but a scam. Icmarket.biz also provides misleading and unreal information just to lure, attract, encourage and persuade traders to invest on the system. Trusting an app without even mentioning the developers in their website is hard to believe.

Our comprehensive, thorough, accurate and complete IC Market review reveals, show, and explained why and how this app is considered scam. The evidences were presented not to destroy the credibility of the company but to help traders from losing their hard earn money from these money sucking scammers. If you are really into auto trading having the right information about the industry and finding legit and trusted program is vital.

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