Binaryrobot is Scam! Real Review

This complete iBinaryrobot review will expose the lies that we found at We have written this review to ensure your safety and to keep you protected against the scam software.

After our initial investigation, we think iBinaryrobot is scam. We make that our review is clear and easy to understand so our readers will not have a hard time finding out the reasons why it is a scam. The software claims that they work only with regulated binary option brokers but they were not able to provide proof. This is an auto-trading program which enables you kick back and watch the earnings pour in.

The program concentrates on trading currencies, so it is best for international investors. There is no need to download binary options robot to utilize it. All you need to do is to register a free account at iBinaryrobot and then follow the steps on signing up, make some adjustments on the settings according to your preference, and let the platform trade for you. Expert traders manage and control the robot so that it will produce successful trades.

The things the website claims are quite impressive and one would wish to have as you trade. But this is not happening in reality. This application is just like other scams software who thought of putting up a website to encourage many to invest. You probably have lots of questions in mind. Actually, these questions have simple answer. iBinaryrobot partners with several brokers. Normally, to get the signals, as a trader you need to work with their partners, and you will be asked to open an account and deposit a certain amount. However, we are yet to verify the legitimacy of these brokers whether they are regulated or not.

According to iBinaryrobot they work by using a combination of trading styles and signals and trades together with a linked broker. You have the option to do the trading at auto mode. They make sure that they present to public their trading history, which is good. The problem is, this is not verified. If one goes to their signal history page, the trader will choose a pro traders, a risk level, and the platform. If in case you get a page having no result, don’t get frustrated. Not always a trader can generate signals on all the platforms at every risk level.

iBinaryrobot is Scam – Three Evidences

iBinaryrobot offers three great money management trading platforms. The first style that traders can choose is termed as the Classic style. This is known to be the safest among the three platforms and is almost secured. Next is the Martingale system. This style enables faster profits, but the risk is higher. The trading app is identical to the one that is used by casino gamblers.

The third style that traders can choose is the Fibonacci System. This style is known to be the most accurate as it changes the trading size depending on the win and loss sequences. The styles iBinaryrobot is offering are all impressive but sad to say they are not real and are all fabricated.

As you continue reading our iBinaryrobot review, you will find out why we say so.

First Evidence – Uses Fake Demo

The truth is of course that there is no such thing as free money and the app is a fraud. Actually, this scam application is a very dangerous one. IBinaryrobot offers a demo that will show you how amazing the results are if one uses the app. Allow it to run for a few minutes and the member will see how the profits grow. Unfortunately, the demo uses fake prices during the demo thus these profits are mostly fake. It has nothing to do or not even near the real trading results.

But if you are not aware of this, you will get easily victimized by iBinaryrobot and you would think that it is profitable and you will invest all your money on it to get the profit that you want. If a trader started trading using your real money, the program will lose all your money, because they are not really trading.

Second Evidence – Uses White Label Robot

We are aware that if the application uses white label robot it is a scam. Sad to say iBinaryrobot uses white label robot just like other scams as you can see in the image above. Software like Probinarybot, Binrobot-Lady or Option Robot uses the same platform, they only differ on the logo, name and color but they all applies the same scheme. Lots of people have lost a great amount of money using this trading platform.

The primary objective of iBinaryrobot is to let you sign up and ask you to deposit money and assign you to one of the brokers that scammers work with. It’s because they get paid by these brokers for referring new depositors.

Third Evidence – Unknown Developer

It looks like they forgot to mention the name of the developers of iBinaryrobot. Maybe they have done it intentionally so people will not know who to pursue. The truth is that most of the scam software do not reveal the real developer. Sometimes they are using actors to represent them. You should never trust a platform with unknown developer, if you do you may lose everything that you have invested.

iBinaryrobot Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that it is nothing but a scam. The evidences are presented and these are enough proof to safely say that iBinaryrobot is scam. We suggest that you should stay away from them no matter what.

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