Hydra App is Scam! Warning Review

You might have encountered Hydra App in the internet but you are not sure if it is legit or not. This complete Hydra App review will provide the information that you need. This review includes details on how this platform works and what they can offer.

But let us warn you, Hydra App is scam and you should not trust it at all. The purpose of this review is to keep the traders protected against scam. The best way of earning money fast and big is thru trading and it’s the reason why there is lots of scam trading scheme being launched these days. The app offers a minimum earning of $5000 every day, forever. Sounds too good to be true but not possible. Also, they are claiming that the platform is free of charge and it works on autopilot and there is no need for you to have any experience in trading. You can set it at autopilot and let the app do its job. What they offer is quite impressive and too good to be true thus we decided to investigate further.

The primary objective of HydraApp is to generate more money by predicting profitable trades several times per day. The system has two components. One is a complete set of highly advanced algorithms that have access to the market’s data feeds. With the help of multi-server cloud, the program analyzes billions of data per second in real time and decides based on the proprietary self-learning trend as well as trend prediction algorithm. And in case the system senses even the tiniest hint that the trade will change its phase, it will automatically trade again but this time in the opposite direction. This will prevent loss on your investment. But experts on binary options trading say it is not possible.

It is impossible to achieve 100% return rate on trading. In reality, you can only have around 75% return rate. It only means that you can lose around 20 to 25% of your investment and only if the succeeding trades are winning. For instance, you bet $100 and lose, the app will bet on the opposite direction using the same amount with 80% return rate. The succeeding trade will either win or loss. If you win, you will get $80 in return. All in all you lose $100 but you were able to recover some. But what will happen if you loss again, then you will lose everything you invested.

Hydra App is Scam – Three Evidences

Hydraapp.biz claims that they can help you earn $5000 every day forever. Quite very impressive but not viable. The objective of this app is to scour the news worldwide and look for trends and add them into the system. This claim is unbelievable. A clear indication of being a scam and you should not trust it. This Hydra App review will prove that this is fraud software.

Official Website | Hydraapp.biz

Also, there is no assurance that an investor will earn thru binary options trading and yet hydraapp.biz says in their promo video that they can guarantee that one will get $5000 every single day forever.

First Evidence – Fake Owner

If you visit hydraapp.biz, you will be greeted by their alleged owner Abraham Epstein. Unfortunately, when we check for the identity of this man we were not able to find anything. It looks like the man is a paid actor and his character was created by the scammers behind this scam application. According to him, he has good paying job at Facebook and his work is to evaluate a real time flow of data and then ue his findings to develop effective algorithms. Abraham Epstein also claims that Hyra App cannot fail, because it puts a second trade in the opposite direction once it detected a potential problem in the earlier trade. However, taking two opposite trades with the same asset only result to guaranteed loss, simply because the returns are always below 100%.

Second Evidence – Fake Testimonials

On the hydraapp.biz website you can ee some testimonial with people generating money with the help of this system. However, we have found out that they are lying and all of them are fake. Their images are taken from a stock photo and the testimonies were created by the scammers behind this Hydra App scam. This is very common to many fake websites so be very careful when dealing with them.

You will see another clear indication that will prove hydraapp.biz is a scam when you sign up. Upon registering the user will be redirected to a page that contains the second video. The video includes a skype call testimonies from Connor Davies and according to him he produces $15,340 in just a few days. But if one watches clearly he is not login to the ap but the money is adding up on his balance. Definitely, this is yet another sign of being a scam.

Third Evidence – Fake Program

This application uses fake trading software. Hydra App has been used by other scam software and this is common to all scam apps. Check out Fintech Profits and Guaranteed Money System are both using the same system. So do not believe when someone told you that this platform is unique and different from others, they are lying.

Hydra App Review Conclusion

This complete review proves that this software is nothing but a scam. The signs of being a scam application are obvious, thus you should stay away from it. For those who have plans of using this program you need to be prepared to lose everything you invested. Honey App is scam, thus you should trust the system.

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