HourPay Limited is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

If you are looking for a complete HourPay Limited review, this post is for you. You might have encountered the name of the company somewhere but you are not sure whether to trust it or not. Our initial investigation shows that this business is a scam.

Of course, you would not believe us that easily not unless if we can provide you the evidences that will prove HourPay Limited is scam. This review includes information that you might have not known before. You are reading our review because you’re interested on what the company can offer. Before you invest your money in hourpay.net make sure you have read this review from start to finish.

We have written this HourPay Limited review to warn people that Hourpay.net is a scam. If you are reading our HourPay review but have already been scammed by this firm, you can share your experience to us. We might be able to give you advices on how to get your money back and at the same time help you find a legit company to invest to. Hourpay.net is a scam HYIP website that claims to trade using bitcoin. According to them the team is composed of expert cryptocurrency traders that are experienced in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What Hour Pay can offer seems impressive, but there is nothing that will support their claims. Hourpay.net was not able to provide proof to show their trading transaction both their gains and losses. This has lead us to believe that the company is a scam and the only thing that they can do is to ask for your money and steal it. The HourPay Limited site is almost a year old. We have been gathering evidences to prove that it is a scam. And several researches done we believe that we collected enough evidences. According to old members, at first the firm pays them. But after the initial payment no other payments were made. This is how HYIP scheme works.

HourPay Limited is Scam – Three Evidences

These scam websites are getting away easily because there is no policy that can apprehend them from putting up a scam website. The world has a bad internet policing. This allows scammers to operate not just one but multiple HYIP sites at the same time without getting caught. After a year of operating they just close up and create a new site. Most of the bitcoin HYIP scam companies that we have reviewed in the last few months were designed by the one person only. Since no one knows who they really are, no one gets caught.

HourPay Limited pays the older members using the new member’s money and once they run out of resources they will simply run away and close the site. They are paying the first and second withdrawals to gain trust among their investors.

But, as the investors increase their investment it becomes harder to request for a withdrawal. HourPay Limited will provide you reasons why they cannot grant your request. This is how they steal your money. Unlike other scam websites HourPay.net only offers small ROI which is quite reasonable. If not for the many lies we found on their site, we could have believed that it is a legit site.

This part of our HourPay Limited review includes evidences that will prove this business firm is a scam and you should trust them at all.

First Evidence – Fake Facebook and Twitter Button

In spite of the company’s conservative offers, Hour Pay website is full of lies and deceptions. One of their big lies is the Facebook and Twitter icon found at the bottom of their homepage. These icons should direct you on the sites Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, when we try to click on it, it redirects us to their main home page. So, we try checking the two social media to check on their account, unfortunately we were not able to find it. This is definitely a clear sign that they are lying and are trying to manipulate us by hiding the fact they do not have any traceable history on both Twitter and Facebook. Even the site Skype button, it will also redirect you to their homepage.

Second Evidence – Fake Reviews

If you click on the “about us” page and scroll down you will see images of these three individuals that are supposed to be users that were able to earn big with this site. Upon further investigation, we have found out their images were taken from a stock photo online. They are characters created by the scammers behind this website. They are not real users of hourpay.net. Obviously, a clear sign that this website is trying to trick people in order for them to profit.

Third Evidence – Anonymous Owner

We tried searching for the real owner of Hour Pay or any information that will lead us to them but we came up empty. We tried checking it out at who.is the registrant name is Genevieve Frahm but we are not sure if she is the owner or they just used the name to act as the owner. Hour Pay website itself does not provide any information about the owners and its developers. This is yet another clear sign of being a scam.

HourPay Limited Review Conclusion

This complete review will prove that HourPay Limited is scam, this company is nothing but a fraud. We commend the developers of trying to make their website as professional as possible. They have fooled some people but not us. This review will serve as a warning to all those who are interested to join them. Never trust this website, you will lose all your investment.

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