Hourbitclub is Scam! HYIP Scheme Review

This comprehensive Hourbitclub review was posted to protect investors against the scam software. Several weeks ago someone asked us about Hourbitclub.com, so we decided to have our own investigation. Upon checking their hourbitclub.com website we notice some indications that this is a scam.

After reading this thorough Hourbitclub review, you will agree with us when we say that it is a fraudulent and malicious application developed to empty the investor’s account. Some of you might have lost a lot of cash, if so you can share this review to others so they will not get victimized by this scam. Scammers spend a lot of time developing and building the perfect website before they release it to the public and send you emails. Hour Bit Club objective is to gain your trust and eventually persuade you to invest.

Before we go deeper into it, let us take a closer look and check out this scam wide open. Hourbitclub.com describes their website as a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that enables you to put your bitcoin into their cloud mining service and earn from it. Hourbitclub was introduced only recently and according to them, they have a group of expert bitcoin miners that have been earning a lot for almost 4 years.

Our Hourbitclub review focuses on the progress of the investment plans and withdrawals. We have figured some serious problems easily with the manner operates. We will discuss below in detailed what we discovered. But we need to tell you first what hourbitclub.com is.

Hourbitclub is Scam – Three Evidences

This is part of our Hourbitclub review were we present to our readers that proof that Hourbitclub is a scam. Hourbitclub.com tells people that the earnings are coming from mining bitcoin on the cloud. It has the ability to produce a huge amount of profit, but they were not able to provide this. It’s the reason why people are switching to cloud mining and joins other apps to increase their earnings.

According to them, they have a well-skilled team of bitcoin miners that have been working for four years. This is unusual because their website has been online only for three weeks. If they are steadily working for four years, why they didn’t provide any proof.

If you have plans of investing online, you need to understand the nature of the business you are dealing with. Whether its binary options trading, rev shares, forex or MLM you need to understand what you are into before joining. There are some people who deposit their cash online without knowing first whom they are dealing with. Hourbitclub.com is a high yield investment program offering an ROI that is too high and is too good to be true. The majority of the investment companies offer good and small returns to fulfill their claims and be fair to their clients. If a company offers an unrealistic profit like Hourbitclub, it is most likely a scam and is just trying to attract people.

First Evidence – Who is Behind Hourbitclub?

Hourbitclub has an about us page but it does not mention who is behind Hour Bit Club. It only means that they have chosen to hide their real identity. It is a big red flag. It is hard to trust a system with anonymous developer. If you are really successful and legitimate just like what they claims, then why would they hide their name and identity?

If the developers of Hourbitclub are proud of their system then they should make their name public to gain more trust , transparency and make them popular.  Would you trust a program from unknown developer, definitely not.

Second Evidence – No Proof of Withdrawals

If one checks out their website you will not find anything that will prove that their members are earning a good amount. it does not have any proof that they are really paying withdrawals.  All we got are empty promises and investment plans. If you search online you cannot find anything that will prove their Hourbitclub system really works.  You cannot find any user reviews.

Third Evidence – Unknown Bitcoin Miners

If one visits their Hourbitclub website and search for the bitcoin miners who are responsible for the big earning you will not be able to find anything about them. We tried asking the customer support and asked them about the miners but they were not able to provide any names or link to their social media accounts so we can verify. It looks like being anonymous is hourbitclub.com trademark.

Again would you trust an app with unknown miners? Definitely not. Even if they have their own website it’s not enough to trust them.

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Hourbitclub is Scam – Conclusion

Keep in mind, most of the applications that uses HYIP do not last longer. Since hourbitclub.com uses the same algorithm other scams used plus the above evidences presented in this Hourbitclub review, we therefore conclude that it is a scam 100%. We found out during our review that at first, the system can help you earn some money but after investing on it a lot of money, they will not be able to pay you all. They will steal your money and provide you different reasons why you cannot withdraw your money. This is what most members of Hour Bit Club have been complaining. So we suggest that you stay away from this program or you will be sorry.

If you find this Hourbitclub review helpful to you, feel free to share this with others.

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